Reverse Problem

Anybody else having the issue of not being able to put the car in reverse when using a auto? Only way it will go into reverse is if I switch to manual transmission.

Anybody else having a problem with the reverse in automatic? I can only put it in reverse if I switch to manual transmission.

To reverse, hold the Brake - once your forward speed is zero, keep holding the brake and you will reverse.


Hi, so I noticed yesterday that all of a sudden I can’t go in reverse, only forward. I’m using the automatic shift setting. When I tried manual it worked. I uninstalled the game installed it again and nothing changed.
Does anyone heard about something like this before? Please help.
Thank you

PS: i tried my joystick in other games and works perfectly.

Have you updated your controller?

Thanks for reply, I checked and my controller firmware is up to date.

This is very frustrating, can’t believe that I have such a unique problem that no one else has.
Other ideas?

Are you at a complete stop before you try to shift into reverse? Nothing happens when you downshift while stopped?

I haven’t used an automatic transmission ever in Forza so I’m not sure how it behaves. Just a suggestion.

While stopped when i hit the break and keeping the trigger pushed the taillights are lighting red and nothing else happens. And the indicator shows 1st gear.
I don’t know how but i think that all the control layouts that are using left trigger for brake/reverse and RT for gas are corrupted because i selected layout 13 which is the only layout with gas on left and brake on right and now the reverse is working in automatic.
Still, I hope this will be only a temporary solution.

Btw is this forum read by someone from the developer team cause maybe this is something that should be adressed in a future patch.

I ALWAYS use automatic, reverse works fine for me

If while reversing you release the brake then press it again it will act as a brake, not increase your revs in reverse.

My problem is that my cars go in reverse when I dont want them to. I should switch to manual but I find it annoying in the off road races and you lose the back button to bring up the map.

Check you advanced settings and set your gas and brake to 5 - 95 instead of 0 - 100. If the gas is somehow on even that last number it won’t reverse so if somehow your controller is off 1% it will keep your gas on enough to keep it from going into reverse. Setting both the brake and gas to 5 - 95 will tell you ( and I ) if that was the problem. If it was you can slowly move the numbers closer to the original 0 - 100 or until you see the problem again then back up one number. In case you are not familiar with this, go to settings, then controls, press the X button. This will bring up your dead zones. Try the gas and brake at 5 - 95 and see if that helps. Please post back and let us all know so we can perhaps help someone else out if it works.

Thank you kindly for your suggestion Dan the Dartman! Didn’t noticed those advanced settings.

Problem solved and it was nothing wrong with the game after all! It was the controller all along. Even if I tested the LT in other games, those didn’t use the trigger gradually (for example BF4 for ADS).
After using Dan’s advice I ended up using something like 40-60 for brake and it still didn’t trigerred the reversal. This made me think that maybe there is something wrong physically with the LT. I opened the side panel of the controller and right there next to the LB there was a missing screw which is supposed to maintain the circuit board stuck to the body. And the screw was inside attached to the LT, I think it is slighty magnetized because I had to extract it with a pinch? otherwise it would not fall down.
And now the controller works perfectly.

TL;DR: sorry game, it was the controller! :slight_smile:

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I have the Logitech G20 steering wheel, does anyone know to get the car to go into reverse?

I just got it does anyone know when or how to reverse it doesn’t show on the graph.Thanks!

Are you using Auto or Manual tranny?