Returning to Builder Mode when Editing Blueprints....How!?

When I attempt to edit a route, I only see the checkpoints. Some objects are not visible and there is no clue as to how to add/edit objects, I can just go from checkpoint to checkpoint. Am I missing something here?

Look at the bottom of the screen during the checkpoint modification (where you can only widen or move checkpoints sideways).
It should tell you which button to press (on XBox Controller, the one to the left of the Jewel X, the overlapping rectangles) for the blueprint builder.

From that moment you see your car still standing at the last checkpoint, you see the previous and the next checkpoint (no others) and now have a focus circle and can slew around all over the map.
Select an object to move (except checkpoints, won’t work) or open the menu (to the right of the Jewel X) for the blueprint library.
X to delete, Y to clone the existing object, A to accept (place), B to cancel.
Rotate using RB and LB and the D-pad.
L1 and R1 for up and down, left stick for moving sideways and forward, right stick for rotating your view left/right up/down.

The first object loaded new will not pass through walls (ground etc) when you move it, which makes sense when you want to place a tent flat on the ground, not sink it.
As soon as you rotate it, alignment will be switched off. Cloned objects will also not be blocked by ground etc…

If you’re finished, press X (exit builder).
You are then back at checkpoint 1, always, regardless which checkpoint you were standing at before
I recommend editing objects from standing at checkpoint 1, following the track by the blue line on the mini map and when finished with the objects, then go through all the checkpoints and write down where you want to make modifications to objects and checkpoints.
You can scroll backwards to the previous (last and so on) checkpoints from CP1, by the way.

Important: Choose two names for your route.
Because it does not let you save over the route file linked to the blueprint you are currently working on.

So work on a blueprint with Route A version alpha.
Save edited route as Route A version beta.
Write down which of the two is your most recent version.
Create event with Route A version beta, testdrive and save that, maybe publish under your original event name (overwrite existing).
Later, when updating Route A version beta, save your new edit now as Route A version alpha.
Rinse, switch, repeat.

If you’re unhappy with checkpoint placement, do not use redraw, regardless that it tells you that no objects will be deleted (they indeed will not be. The objects, that is).
It certainly redraws your trackline, but also deletes all of your checkpoints except Nr.1 and does not let you place new ones. Bummer

If you’re unhappy with checkpoint placement, stand at the last checkpoint your’re fine with, then hit “A” for “create new route from here”.
If you have placed sufficiently visible objects, you can retrace your former checkpoints easily (I use the direction indicators at the end of the list of “flags and signs”) or red flags I later remove again with the object editor.

Another hard learned advice:
Do not exhaust your objects limit 100%. I suspect it overloads the track and when participants have slow machines (XBox one, some laptops), their race crashes and yours with them.
A good example are the very recommendable touge tracks, which you can race fine in solo, but when racing with two friends or more, everyone is kicked out of the race after startup.
Even worse: If you restart any race after that (like Horizon tour), chances are good that you are then running the recently aborted touge track, but also see the participant list of the horizon tour (which are not part of your race as you are not part of theirs and hence they will loose the first race without you and your friends).

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This is fantastic all-around advice, and much appreciated.

When I’m in route edit mode, there are NO options listed to enter builder mode, only to adjust the checkpoints or finish editing. When I’m creating (not editing), I can (sometimes) use the Back button to enter builder mode, but usually use the Start button, then select Builder from the menu. I’ve tried pressing each one when editing a route, but neither have any effect.

I have a sneaking suspicion that my wheel is involved, but even when starting up FH5 with my wheel unplugged and just using controller, there’s no button called out to enter the builder mode while editing. I do have a ticket in with support, but I’m not holding my breath. Or building more routes.