Returning after 18 months away. Initial thoughts.

As a veteran player (Reward tier 12) I stepped away from Forza Motorsport for approx. 18 months while we wait for the next installment of the series. I spent some time in some other racing games, including; Horizon 4, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2, F1 2019.

I’d thought I share my experience and comments on what a found returning to Forza Motorsport 7 after a long absence. I was using controller, and mostly racing in spec production FRR hopper, free play custom races and the 100 miles of SPA endurance (unbeatable AI and simulation settings).

1) Menus, Graphics and Appearance; Menus are very nice and logically laid out (particularly after update), Graphics look fantastic. In the end FM7 became a very polished looking game.

2) Playability; This has to be the biggest plus and why Forza is my most played racing game, it’s great to be able to just pick up and play when short on time (most of the time). It’s playable on controller rather than setting up my wheel, etc. You can customize your cars and preferences much more than other games.

3) Physics & Handling; This was my biggest disappointment coming from others (above). I would describe handling as over exaggerated, cars in stock form just feel very arcade. Small movements have dramatic results, making it very hard to be smooth, accurate, and generally control the cars. Body movements seem way too exaggerated under brakes, acceleration, corners like your driving a trophy truck. Corresponding suspension movements (telemetry) are highly erratic causing grip to feel very ON,OFF,ON,OFF. Like when you run very slightly too much speed into corner, the UNDERSTEER you can experience is a bit ridiculous. Letting off throttle to shed speed and transfer some weight forward but it takes an unrealistic amount of time for grip to return. Traction on anything other than racing tyres seems way too low, low torque S2000 should not be able to light up a 245 section sport tyre in 2nd and 3rd gear (real life example; my car with 245 section, 240 tread wear street tyres can barely spin them in 1st with triple the wheel torque). When tyres slip they shouldn’t lose all forward drive, it would be nice I tyres could slip more before going into full burnout. Particularly low torque cars at high speed. Perhaps it’s the price you pay for the playability and making it work on controller (wheel can be more precise),

4) Gameplay; AI needs to be overhauled, particularly noticeable when coming directly from F1 2019. On unbeatable it frustrating how they brake mid corner and then seem to have way more horsepower on straights, but still their overall lap and race times aren’t that challenging. Online the biggest problem is still the community (sorry but it’s true), even in the FRR hopper, with same equipment, the amount to ramming, blocking, pushing, and just plain crap driving is really frustrating. Tried leagues in search of more quality races (used to primarily play in pinnacle) but couldn’t even find a lobby. I would like to see FRR combined with some sort of ranking/sportsman system brought into all hoppers.

In summary, returning to FM7 felt very hit and miss. I won about 8 FRR races (out of about 20) and had some good little battles when I could get clear of the pack, but there were also many more occasions where it was just a painful experience and reminded me why I stopped playing. Single player is just too boring, looking forward to much improved AI. Forza has so much potential, I REALLY hope they can live up to that, especially given the development time for the next Motorsport.

Link below to my “Future of Motorsport” post.


Have they added New Game + yet so we can redo the career or no?

No, but you can redo all of the cups anyway, just start them again

I mostly agree. While I enjoy the physics more than the Forza Horizon series at least (only recently got to play FH3 and I’ve never felt so detached from actual driving to the point where I can’t really enjoy it anymore) I still find myself puzzled by how twitchy the cars behave at times. Also I’m only playing FM7 offline for several reasons and AI really needs a massive overhaul. It’s painful to “compete” with this AI when to most challenging part is not to be wrecked right after the start or whenever passing as they try to stay on the ideal line no matter what - even if you’re in the way. Most of the time I’d rather be anywhere but close to them even if aggressiveness toned down.

What I miss most however are two things:

1.) Penalty system. There’s a system that judges if your laps are “clean” already, although I do wonder quite often why going over curbs here is clean and over there it isn’t, it seems random sometimes. For Rivals that’s OK, in races however there should be a system that punishes for shortcutting the tracks. Make it optional for lobbies if you will, but that’s something that I remember Microprose Grand Prix 2 from 1995 had already and it’s something that should be in a racing “sim”. A penalty system should of course also judge if you’re hitting other fellow drivers a bit too much etc., I can’t believe this is still completely lacking.

2.) Qualifying! When AI is as bad as it is in this game of course you want to set the player a bit in the back of the pack but it’s no fun. Doing (extra) long races it’s often no issue to get to the front sooner or later but on some tracks the AI gets a ridiculous power boost and will vanish from your sight while needing less pit stops. Le Mans comes to mind - no fun at all.

There’s quite a few more issues in my opinion, lack of pitting strategies, abundance of cars where some just feel lost in this game, FM7 basically being mostly a rehash of FM6 with little value added, the points system for the solo cups is quite ridiculous etc etc.

I really hope they put some thought and work into the next title.

I also remember playing Microprose Grand Prix 2 for years and they had an option to adjust pit strategies in the middle of a race (change the number of laps and tyre compound).
I’ve even found a link for GP2 Animated Pit Stop

The fact that a 25y old game has animated pit crews and FM7 hasn’t is actually quite hilarious.