Retailer Pre Order Exclusive Cars

Does anyone know if you pre-order wether you get anything special like a pre-order car or something like that?

Does anyone know if there will be retailer exclusive pre-order cars ?

Edit: And I can’t wait to see the always fabulous work of ManteoMax on the game’s data.

According to the official FH5 FAQ:
“Please check with your local retailers on pre-order availability for the Forza Horizon 5 Standard Disk Edition. There are no pre-order incentives for Forza Horizon 5.”

No such thing. All the extras come in the Premium edition, which you can purchase in retail stores.

This would then confirm that the big push is on getting rid of physical copies.

That makes no sense whatsoever. It’s been this way since… forever?

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Times are changing. The industry as a whole … as well as movies, music, etc. … all entertainment content industries are moving away from physical media.


It’s because they want to move to a “charge per play” scheme. They literally want to charge you every time you watch a movie or play a game or listen to a song. They, the ubiquitous “they” are the same industry executives and game developers that demanded “their cut” of all used game sales like they were some sort of mob-connected wiseguys. There is also the big global push to end ALL ownership of things, which is a really REALLY BAD ideology to get into.

The only way to push back against this attempt to end physical copies of games is to refuse to buy any console that doesn’t have disk copies of ALL of the games released on that console. Unfortunately tons of gamers are weak minded addicts who simply “gotta have” the latest and greatest consoles and games

Okay, I just gotta ask, …what in the name of Sweet Pickles are you going on about here? This sounds like a side-subplot to a budget bin direct-to-DVD screenplay written by a disgruntled former assistant manager of an old Sam Goody record store. While I am familiar with the desirable profit margins used entertainment media provides, how would said ‘industry executives’ even go about acquiring this cut you speak of from third party merchants, never mind the fact that they would already have gotten ‘their cut’ from retail buying depts long before customers get their grubby hands on the product. And what of used product that gets purchased and sold back multiple times, potentially becoming fourth or fifth-hand? How would that work, this triple and quadruple-dipping by executives? What retailer would even allow such a scheme to continue?

And this initiative to end ownership of all things, is this engineered and facilitated by Team Sweet Pickles, too? How’s that work, nobody owning anything? What happens to everything already owned? Mass forced selling of personal items? But who could buy them if no one is allowed to own anything? Fascinating…

So, what good are, say, old physical copies of XBOX 360 games, for example? Many popular titles have some degree of backward compatibility/playability or whatever it’s called on newer consoles, so there’s that…however far that’ll get you/however long that lasts. But oh, same titles also digitized and available in xbox store. But then, who really is itching and jonesing to play through games they done beat already three or four times over with painfully outdated graphics that are like murder to our eyes? As I type this I can see what I call my “Mausoleum 360,” three or four drawers that I have dedicated to (quality) old 360 games that I could never bring myself to selling back when there were actually still places around I could sell them back to, anyway.

Oh, and next to Mausoleum 360 is the “DVD Crypt”, literally two (of six) huge antique trunks packed tight with what must be every DVD known to man as well as a healthy array of Blu-ray and, yes, HD titles (don’t judge). So, curious to know what the benefit is to still having all this junk. I mean, you’re advocating for the continued mass production of every title, and for a long time I bought bought bought they sold sold sold, so… what benefit is reaped and by whom for that business model to continue?

Now that all said, I’m curious where in your plan of resistance is it that I fall? Is my media archive of old, clunky games and beat, tired movies representative of a faithful, reliable consumer? Perhaps I’m part of the described problem, the plague of ‘weak minded addicts,’ mindless slaves to the release calendar throwing their irl credits at Team Sweet Pickles for the hot games with awesome graphics playable on the fastest of consoles? Am I both? Neither? Exactly whose interests are served by “refusing to buy any console that doesn’t have disk copies of ALL of the games released on that console?” And those tons of gamers that make up the Plague of Gaming Consumers (ooh, sounds real dreadful), don’t their purchases of desirable product nevertheless further your Cause De Resistance? Latest and greatest games sold to gamer zombies are still units sold, right?

I guess I’m just confused as to what it is youre trying to advocate, boycott xbox new systems? What does that leave us with? Who are the good guys in this awful movie? And most importantly, assuming Horizon 5 fits into your Gotta Have/Latest and Greatest category, and assuming that one even prescribes to your colorful theories, would they even be allowed to buy it? And so presuming that you yourself actually believe all that hoo-ha you’re peddling, why are you here interested in what will surely be fodder for the hordes of mindless game junkies?? Doesn’t your consumption and support for the product that drives those you describe as ‘weak minded addicts’ wholly undermine your own position in this cockamamy conspiracy??

Just curious.

(And if anyone still reading is interested in acquiring some super fun 360 games you beat eight or nine years ago with polygony graphics and alias so sharp you’ll slice your eyes open, I’m your guy) :smile::roll_eyes::expressionless:

Remember this young man: “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy about it.”

That’s some weird conspiracy type thing you got going there.

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I do a agree to an extent but console is not part of the targeted big picture, they want to get rid of these devices. They globally loose money on consoles. FH online facing issues with Series X … not fixed, Steam players having access issues, fixed in days.

Less material consumption l guess. Personally l dont mind anymore.

I’m kinda happy for no preorder cars. They just confuse the car list imo. Regular and Forza Editions suffice to me


It’s less likely to do with a move away from physical media in general, and more down to the game being on Game Pass. Not much point in using exclusive content to drive up pre-orders for a game that most people are going to get as part of their Game Pass subscription (and so aren’t going to buy it outright at all, let alone pre-order it). All that does is penalise Game Pass users, because they either have to miss out on the pre-order stuff, or double-dip on a game that they’re already paying for with their GP sub.


Have they listed Pre-Order bonuses yet and which stores have them, and what the pre-order cutoff date is going to be this time??? Last time they stopped accepting pre-orders a full MONTH before the game came out.

I have almost every car in FH4 that it was legitimately possible to get, the only one I never got was the Aston Martin DB-11 PO car because it was only relisted once and I was working that day.

There will be no pre-order bonuses with Horizon 5. The only incentive to pre-order is early access with the Premium edition.

i will get the game for free from game pass so I don’t care either way. I will be getting VIP though

I have been trying to buy PO cars on FH4 forever never listed. I personally dont buy hard copies no longer, as buying digital means I get two copies to play with my shared account.

Don’t bother trying as they can’t be listed for sale in the Auction House, so you will never see any.