Restricted vehicles in rivals problems

I had some dirt & cross country rivals times done with the Top Gear Track-tor (mainly B,C & D classes)… since the update removed all the Track-tor & Bone Shaker times,I’ve been unable to set any new ones… it’s showing things the wrong way round,… eg,if I beat a rival by 1 second it will show I beat them,then offer my new rival as the same one with me being 1 second behind them…if I check the leaderboards,I’ve set no time at all…really annoying
Anyone else having this problem? any solutions would be appreciated,thanks

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Some of us are assuming the Bone Shaker and Track-Tor weren’t removed but only somehow hidden from the leaderboard. Thus, they are still blocking your newly set times as long as you won’t beat the BS/TT time.


That makes sense :+1:. I’ll have to look through screenshots & see if I’ve got any showing TT times,…then try to beat one & see if it shows up … this could be interesting
Thanks for the reply

Like Rayne say allready it seems that PG only half did banning those cars and leading that we cant now set new times on those tracks. I did allready send ticket abaout that but answer was same copy paste answer than every other ticket they get.