Restoring older save

I have an XBoxSX with a corrupt FH4 save (Infinite final load screen) and the Cloud save is corrupt as well. I have an XBox1X that I stopped using from about a month ago with a good save. I am trying to salvage most of my 2 yrs of playing and 9/900 prestige. Can I delete the corrupt save from XBoxSX as well as the Cloud save without it affecting the XBox1X save - and then have the good save from the XBox1X sync to the Cloud so I can then sync it to the XBoxSX? Or does “delete everywhere” also delete the save I still have on the XBox1X?

Hopeful but stressed!

play the game offline with your old xbox. buy a car and after that quit the game. then go online and start the game again.
now your cloud sync is updated to the version of your old xbox.