[Resolved] Please T10, help me...

Hello T10, I have an important problem on Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One as well).

I didn’t know where to post this, I just hope people will see this… Anyway. Here it is : I bought Forza Horizon 2 day one, and I played it often until this week. I founded a club, shared cars replicas in the display (showcase ? I don’t know how it’s called in english.), and took over a thousand photos since october. I also won four photocomps… In brief, until last week, I felt Forza Horizon 2 was the best buy.

But last Sunday, ô surprise, wanting to enter a Rivals event against a friend of my club, I notice that :

  • “Social”, “Rivals” and “Clubs” tabs are closed.
  • It’s no longer possible to share or even download photos, liveries, or car settings…

I have the impression that it is the Online part of the game which is denied to me, in its entirety, could someone explain me what happened here ? Have I been banned from the game ? :confused:

Please notice I’ve done nothing that could be against the spirit of the game. :frowning:

I d’like to have an answer as soon as possible, even if I know many of you are busy, especially with Forza 6’s imminent unveiling… I hope I could play as soon as possible as before what I consider as my favorite game on Xbox One.

I’m sorry that I have an… approximative mastery of english ? I’m French, I’m 14, so I swear I’ll improve my english.

One last thing, I had many attempts to clear cache, which changed absolutely nothing. I didn’t take a look either at Forza 5 (that I own too), to see if I have a similar problem.

Thank you, I hope you will be at the level of the problem (I don’t know if this is english too), and that you will understand my frustration.


Have you checked your in game messages to see if you have any from T10?

No, I didn’t… Thank you, I’ll check it this evening :slight_smile:

You can’t check your message box when Social is locked. However, knowing many people who had this issue, I am guessing this is an issue with the servers, and not you. By the way, I am part of that group and Marketplace is closed as well.

In Forza Motorsport 5, I haven’t met this issue and the last time I played was yesterday. I consider this a great opportunity to complete championships without getting plenty of invites to game parties! Haha.

And, if you want me to judge your english, it is pretty good. Now, I might not be the best judge at this title, because I, too, am French (Canadian), and my english could still be refined.

Try resetting your internet connection.

Then on the xbox Console go to Network Settings —> Test Multiplayer Connection. Run the test and when finished DO NOT press A to continue but instead hold down the following four buttons
— left trigger, left bumper, right trigger, right bumper.
You will see tons of information but you are looking for the bit about “Detailed Nat Info” to load. Make sure your NAT status is OPEN (if not, redo the multiplayer connection test until it is).

Then boot up FH2 and it should help.

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Racer4Evr : I hope it is about the servers. Thanks :slight_smile:

PPiDrive : I will take a look at this. Thank you, I hope it will work :slight_smile:

Yes the servers were down for one day 28th I think but they are fine now.
So you should know if it was a server problem or your internet

Xbox Live has had multiple issues with varying descriptions over the last week or so. I suspect its that.


I don’t think it was my internet because i was able to chat with my friends via the console (and not the game). Though i didn’t run FH2 since last day, I hope everything will be okay today.

Thank you everybody, FH2 works again. I didn’t expect the problem would be from the servers :smiley: See you again in Forza!