[RESOLVED] OMG, entire progress reset after W10 update!

Imagine my unpleasant surprise when I start up Forza7 after updating Windows to the fall’s Creators Update, and my entire profile/progress/credits has been reset.
My initial achievements still appear on my Xbox profile, like “reach car collector Tier 5”. I owned 41 cars and was at rank 37. Now I’m back to basics.

I launched the game from the Xbox app, changes nothing.
I also went to check Forza6 Apex and Forza Horion 3, was worried they might have been affected too, but gladly they weren’t, everything’s fine with those games.

Obviously, I expect someone from Support to fix my profile, give my rank back, my Tier, and enough credits to rebuy all my lost cars. Otherwise I will ask for a refund.

Ill send this over to get looked at.


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