[RESOLVED] Missing Forza 2 nd 3 Faithful Gear

When unlocking my Forza Faithful gear I was only granted the Driver Gear suits for Forza 4 through Horizon 3. I did not receive my Forza 2 or Forza 3 Driver Gear. I had done an official Gamertag Change probably sometime in Forza 4 and my guess is that it may be affecting it. Anyone have a solution to this issue? I mainly just want my Forza 2 racing suit. You can probably see by my Forum stats that I should have had the gear available if that helps for any Turn10 mods able to make the fix.

You are only Tier 8 according to your forum tag, you should have only received up to the FM4 racing suit, but not FM3, FM2 or FM1 suits.

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