[RESOLVED] Loyalty rewards still locked!

It’s been about 4 months and I still have t revived my loyalty rewards. I’ve played and completed every Forza Motorsport, and all 3 horizons and my diver gear sets are still locked? How can I resolve this!?

Are they all locked or just some of them

You should have got them in loot boxes that were gifted to you when you first started playing and should have relevant to what tier level you were at then
So at tier 9 now you would not have been entitled to the fm1 and fm2 gear
If you were still tier 8 you wouldnt have got one of either fm3 gear… but all info is in the stickied faq threads at the top of the discussion forum

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All of the diver gear is still locked

Do believe you were originally affected by an issue that caused players to lose their Forza Faithful rewards when first starting the game. The next time you log into the game, you will be rewarded with the content associated to the tier your account was at when you first initially started the game.


I´m having a similar issue with the rewards. I play since FM 3, which is confirmed by my Forza Hub account, tho a never received the drive gears associated with those games.
What should i do to solve that?

The rewards are not tied to the games.

You didn’t receive the FM3 gear for playing FM3.
You needed to be tier 9 inside the reward program when you first started FM7.

You show as tier 8 now.

Check the link posted above by Talby.


Oh i got it now.
Thanks man

Thanks guys, this was just resolved, everything has now been unlocked :heart::+1:


Looking for the correct place to report this. I did not receive my Forza Faithful rewards. I think I received the crates, but didn’t get driver gear nor badges. I would love the crates, but am fine without them. I am currently tier 11. I was at least Tier9 if not 10 when I started FM7up early with Ultimate pre-order. I never paid much attention to badges or driver gear I didn’t have until a while back.

Is there anyway I can get those sent? Note: I have 2.4 K Tier points in FM7, I am in their pretty regularly.

If there is a better contact, please let me know. This doesn’t seem like a MS tech ticket. If it should be, please let me know. A reply as such may help others.

Thank you in advance

I have verified that you didn’t get your Forza Faithful rewards and have reset them. You should be present with them the next time you start the game.

Locking this thread. If you are missing your Forza Faithful rewards, please email forzafb@microsoft.com