[RESOLVED] Forza Faithful Rewards lost.

I have not received any Forza Faithful rewards. I was given the prompt of " Thank you for being a fora faithful " and not seen the gear unlock. No extra gamble boxes, no drivers gear, and no tier pictures. I feel cheated out of the rewards because the game glitches out. It would be nice if there was some checkbox to resend the gifts. Please help me.

This is a glitch, it got me too. It’s a recurring issue if you received your rewards but weren’t able to complete a save action (run a race, buy a car, etc.) before shutting off the game or like many people (including me) having it crash on you. Here’s the main help topic on this issue with some instructions on what to do for now.

I don’t know how long it takes to get a reply. I sent one yesterday and haven’t heard anything, probably relating to just it being a busy time. IIRC they are working on a fix.

Hey did you guys ever hear back? It’s been several days for me with no notification of receipt. Like was said, it’s probably due to an influx of reports.

A week later and still nothing. Only an acknowledgement.

Yo Cog, Load the game. :stuck_out_tongue: