[RESOLVED] Forza 7 Gifts for VIP not showing up (No Messages from T10 in game)

Hello all,

I Purchased this wonderful game like all previous Forza titles in it’s entirety with the Ultimate Edition this was Thursday morning… I left for work while the 60+ gb Download took place and counting the hours before getting home to try the new installment in the series. While at work I read an article saying due to fan backlash over VIP a VIP member would receive 1 Million credits and 4 Forza Edition cars… So to my delight I got even more excited to get home and try this game but Thursday night there was an issue with XBL and sadly could not play. Come Friday I was able to play received my VIP crates and so forth enjoyed the races I did and looked forward to receiving a message from Turn 10 that I received gifts… this never came to be so my question is was there a cut off of when you bought the Ultimate Edition/VIP pass to receive the gifts outlined by Turn 10? or do I continue to wait patiently?

Just had to play the waiting game all showed up good on ya T10!