[RESOLVED] Account Reset

FM7 was crashing too frequently on my system. So i decided to uninstall and get a fresh installation.

After the installation I am back to the intro screen. Looks like my account progress has been reset. I was just abut to finish the Forza Cup and was at collector lvl 10 and driver lvl 50.

How do I get back the progress?

I already tried resetting the data, the sync doesn’t seem to load my progress. Please help.

Try to log out of xbox app and log back in, same thing with the windows store.

You can also try these options :

Start - Settings (Cogwheel Icon) - Apps & Features - Store - Advanced options - Reset
Start - Settings (Cogwheel Icon) - Apps & Features - Xbox - Advanced options - Reset
Start - Settings (Cogwheel Icon) - Apps & Features - Forza Motorsport 7 - Advanced options - Reset

Thank you Trackah123. I’ve tried all of the mentioned steps. Still no success.
I’m reinstalling the game now to see if it helps. Downloading 100GB isn’t fast even with a 1Gbps connection.

Now it is starting to worry me that the team here wont be able to restore my account… It takes hours before my “MODERATED” posts are up. and I cant find a place to directly contact the support team. So much for paying $100 for a game.

I’ve just applied the update and I still don’t have my progress restored. This is getting annoying. Is there a way to contact the developer support directly? Its too slow in here.

It seems this issue would happen if you did anything like this.

About the contact thing :

I did nothing other than uninstall and reinstall the game. I was online the entire time. I was never offline when I was playing the game. My Xbox achievements for the game is up to date along with the achievement i got just before I uninstalled the game.

Is there no one who can help with this issue?

Am I to look for a refund now?

Already taken care of. I sent you a PM yesterday.