Resetting the Championship Series

Forza 5 question:
Does someonr know how to reset the Championshio Series allowing me to rerun all of the championships from new?

why? when you finish one season a new season should start automatically. you can run the events again using the cars you have bought since starting the game. to restart from scratch would be to restart from scratch, probably losing all you cars, credits etc… rather than lose everything and regret it start a new game tag and play again under that name tag.

Seasons? I don’t remember seasons in Forza Motorsport 5, just tiles to select from.

OP: apart from deleting your gamesave file (effectively clearing your garage and all) or restarting from a different gamertag, there is no way to delete your career progress. You can definitely rerun the championships and earn credits and XP; but, there really is no benefit with starting from scratch.

Yeah, like Shadow Edge said, I have never seen seasons but maybe he meant “series”.

When I first started Forza 5 I looked for this also because I wanted to complete it on professional or unbeatable.

i have went back to playing 4. i was probably wrong about season. but you can keep playing. the game doesn’t just stop or end.

It just ends but you could always replay. I personally like to to the the Rivals “class” racing for personal bests even better than any of the Series racing or the multiplayer no collision racing.