Reset to level 1

Booted up the game today and noticed my level is back to 1, I was around 200 last night. So will this be fixed ? I’m really pissed off now been leveling up since last friday and now this. Everything else is still there, houses, cars, everything i dont is still done except some accolades but i want my level back to what it was

Btw my bar with the nr is still gold and it has a star with a 1 underneath so has it reset to 1 or does this mean im in the 200 now ? So confused if it just reset me or if itgoes back to 1 when you reach 200

Usually you get a [1*] before your current level once you reach lv200 it’ll become 2*, 3*…etc once you hit 300 more levels, 400 …etc

for example someone with 3* 140 is actually lv1040… or something like that.

Thanks for answering, pfew thought i was back to level 1

How can one tell if you’ve got a * by your name, can you only see it on others?
Because mine reset at around 200 as well, but I don’t see any * by my name anywhere, scoreboards, etc, nowhere.
I see it on others, however.

I think its a bug, in some screens you can see the star with a number next to it (like the regular menu’s), usually when you look on leaderboards (or the scoreboards after a race), the star is not visible, however the square looks smaller where you see your levelnumber.