Reset Career ?

Where is the savegame to reset carreer mode ??

I would like to know this too, is it possible to start over again?

Does anybody know if the savegame is shared between the 2 game versions? I remember somebody asking about this earlier but I can’t find the topic anymore.

EDIT: A few other questions came in mind about this:

  • If the savegames are shared, can I reset my savegame on the PC version so I can start from the beginning?
  • If I reset my progress and start with a new savegame, will I still get all the Forza Rewards cars, etc. for free in that savegame as well or are they only free on the first savegame you create?

Because of the money glitch I decided to make a video showing how to reset FH3’s career mode on PC.

Hope this helps… I will load up the game and continue playing to see if my preorder bonus rewards return.

This did not work for me even when I cancel the sync at 0 percent…

Got it, thanks!

same here… because of a problem with windows 10, i missed some early achievements…

the following videos doesn’t work for me:

I have the same problem. I tried doing the suggestion in the video and when I disconnected my internet I was able to start over but only if I disconnected my internet. Then later on when I reconnected it went back to my first save. My game crashed when you get the free SUV so I can’t move forward in the game until I reset the career. I love this game but it’s excruciating not being able to play I can’t even access the store to buy a new vehicle so I’m completely stuck in the game. All I can do is drive around in the open world.

Im curious if there is a way to delete my save game and restart anew. I know it sounds weird but I dont think Ultimate edition owners will have access to the DLC until tuesday and I want to start fresh again after I get them working. Plus later in the future if I get everything unlocked and do everything I might want to start over to start a fresh playthrough, any help would be appreciated.

Hi fellow drivers !

Just another one here desperately willing to be able to reset career on PC version.
The video did not work for me, and I could not find any way to do it.

Looking for help too.

I just started and want to change cars and radio station. How do I reset the game?

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but is there any way i can remove the progress i have made story wise so i can start the story again(i know there is no story as such but i enjoy making progress going from 1 festival with no upgrades to all 4 fully upgraded festivals) while keeping my driver at the same level with the same upgrades?(pretty similar to new game plus) i assume if i want to start again i just have to delete my file and then start everything over again but if there was a way i could keep my characters progress while removing everything else then i would be happy with that

So, I want to start a new game…how do I do that?

Thanks in advance

PS: Bonus question, the very first track (music) in the game, what is it?

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Seeing this now though…wow. So the game is actually so “protected” that it actually restricts common features like starting a new game. What gives, Microsoft? -.-

thanks for putting my post in here i couldnt see this thread, i mean i will start everything fresh if i need to but i would love to be able to start again with my level 90 driver if that is possible

Okay guys and girls, here’s a new trick for you to try, it worked for me: The problem with erasing the data and canceling the sync is that the save file is only around 128kb big and if you have a fast connection (I have 50mbit), it will be synced in a second. I tried around 4 or 5 times to stop it in time, no chance.

So naturally being a clever guy I just disabled my network connection only to confirm that the game has an alway-on copy protection, as in it does not start when you’re not connected to the internet. Great. I tried to trick it by disabling the network device after starting the game which resulted in the game doing a ctd. I kinda feels like the whole game is streaming over the internet…wow.

TL;DR: You cannot block your internet connection so you have to slow it down. Erase your game data, start a BIG download, then start the game and cancel the sync. And yes, this is rediculous. But it worked for me first try.

The trick is to click twice in quick succession and not just once

first time: “cancel sync”
second time: “stop syncing”

If you don’t hit the second button fast enough… it will still sync the save file in the background.

and yes… you have to start over again at level 0… no “new game +”

Make new MS acc n that’s it! :slight_smile:

Go to “Manage game” then go to “Saved data” and hover over the save file and press the menu button. A menu should pop up, click on “Delete saved data” this will then give you the option to “Delete from console” or to “Delete everywhere”

Hope this helps.

Believe they are discussing PC, not console