Request to remove Creator Accolades Painting Tuning, Photo Sections from 100% Accolades Completion

With the introduction of accolades into Forza Horizon 5, Play ground Games made it known that they do not expect everyone to complete every accolade in the game. However it is possible to complete every accolade given time and determination on ones part. However the Accolades that require another person to download a tune or like a livery or photo shouldn’t be a part of the The Completionist Accolade requirements under the Hall of Fame tab. Whether the means of removal is to not let the Accolades count, or remove the Fine-Tuned, Impressive Portfolio and A True Artisan Accolades from the Hall of Fame tab and not require the completion of the Accolades to achieve 100% Completion. As I know requesting this is controversial, the main idea is that there should only be accolades that you can complete yourself or with a small group (For Horizon Arcade) that doesn’t require 500 people to download like and use a tune, livery or photo. It is defeating to know that due to the fact that I can’t create liveries, tunes, and photos that 500 other players will download and like is what’s going to prevent me and others from achieving 100% completion in the game. With the spine of Forza Horizon 5 being Accolades it shouldn’t be impossible for the player to complete every accolade.


I agree with this to be honest, but sadly, I doubt anything will come of it.


Totally agree. Not many will have even a chance at getting this.
It will bever be removed or adjusted though as its not linked to the Xbox Achievements.


Partially disagree. I can see removing the highest number needed accolades but not the general groups. There are parts of the game that some people can excel at while others excel at others. Some people will feel the same about certain racing or online accolades.

The completionist accolade should be hard to achieve and show some level of achievement in all aspects of the game.

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I agree. While I’ve managed to get all of the lower tier creator accolades, chances of me getting the high end ones are pretty much zero and I’m stuck at about 160 in the Hall of Fame. I’ve got all of the online and racing accolades, not too bad for a 60 year old player who usually gets his butt kicked in online racing.


I assume you mean you’re stuck at rank 160 in the HoF. Out of 17+ million people, that’s pretty good. I’m content to be hovering around the 1,000 mark.

I didn’t expect to get all the painter accolades with simple designs but did. Gonna try the others and see what happens. I managed to get Artisan tuner in FM5, bout time I took some time and started doing my own tunes in Horizon. The irony is I I didn’t get painter ones in that game probably as I never tried.

I disagree, with Glass2k anyone can make a good paint.

I’ve been looking through all of the accolades, and some of them are just plain dumb. I believe there’s an accolade for “buying 400 cars from the Auto Show” and at present I have bought all of the cars available and I’m still 149 cars short of that total, so I’ve got to go and by 149 cars that I neither want or need? Then of course, there’s the fact that Accolades don’t actually MEAN anything. Sure they’re nice for bragging rights, but they make zero difference to the game. You get no rewards per se, aside from moving up the HoF. I’ve become so disillusioned with FH5 that I’ve resigned myself to the fact that there are some accolades I will never be able to attain, and seeing as there’s no reward for them anyway (aside from cars that you can get in the AH albeit for a fair few credits), then what’s the point?

I loved FH3 and FH4 and worked tirelessly to try and get the achievements, some I didn’t get, but I still tried nonetheless, but Accolades? Why bother? It’s as if someone at PG said “lets make a much larger map, throw in some sandstorms and dodgy lighting effects, and at the same time suck all of the joy out of playing the actual game and forget about everything that actually made Forza the success it is now.” Of course that’s just my opinion, but I’ve already lost the enjoyment of playing FH5.

I wish they’d bring back ranked racing, as at least they offered worthy rewards every month, and gave you something to aim for. I play FH5 once a week to get the new (ahem) cars and once I’ve done as much of the play list that I care to, that’s it until the next season. As an Ultimate Edition purchaser (even though I have Game Pass), I find this ultimately saddening…


This thread started many months ago, but was recently resurrected,.

Just wanted to mention for those here, and new people looking at this thread, a group of us have been actively engaged in accolade achievements for the difficult paint/tune/vinyl stuff.

In less than 30 days, many of us have seen multiple accolades completed simply by working together - power in numbers.

If anyone here wants to join,

I’d hop to last few pages, as its a long thread (17 pages currently) but the current stuff will be over the last 3-4 pages.

Ask for help and/or join up with someone to crush some of the creative accolades, and help another player too!

on a side note: With a bit of community help the “Get 1000 downloads, uses, likes…etc” are very achievable and this is coming from someone whoi just 1 month ago assumed these accolades were impossible and a stupid part of the game – you too can achieve if you want…just need to join, help, and we will reciprocate!

FYI: I just broke the top 900 Hall of Fame list… trust me, its very possible with help from others!


I agree with this :100:

The photo challenge is worst of all I think. In my time I’ve uploaded well over 500 photos across many Forza games, and have never received a single like or download. I know I’m not great, but not one? People just don’t go looking for photos, really.


Unless you arrange a group to help with this, or are someone with viewers…gl

Should get 1 download for each of your downloads; what was there a share unshared share… thing in fh4.

How did you get the s2 accolade for horizon tour ?

Unless it was included in like the first week of the games release, it doesn’t seem that there has ever been an S2 race available in Tour.

Literally hundreds of us have only that 1 accolade keeping us from 100% completion + 1000 in HofF section for 100%…

It’s been mentioned to the DEV’s many, many, many times and nothing is ever replied regarding it.

More chance of me getting my dog pregnant - and I don’t have a dog!! :rofl:

It’s funny, I have so many cars I’d gladly just give to others free, so they could complete their collections/photos,… but this game prevents you from interacting with anyone - beyond meaningless Forza statements…

I’ve never even done a convoy cause they seem so pointless and boring… the complete opposite of the intended purpose - yet here we are.