Request refund?

Is it possible to refund even after putting a few hours into it?


Hi guys,

I can’t be bothered dealing with the Microsoft Downloader on PC and so I’ve given up being able to download 95gb through it.

I’m in Australia so perfectly entitled to a refund of a digital product, but the Microsoft support page don’t make it very easy to find out how to refund.

Does anyone know the process? I thought I read on here that someone went through this process recently.


ps; the game looks awesome, but the downloader just doesn’t work and I don’t have the time or patience to troubleshoot it.

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Hey! I just googled microsoft live chat and they helped me through a full refund of Forza 7 :slight_smile:


This is how I received my refund as well.

Yep, just open a support chat box on the xbox live site and you’ll eventually be connected to a live person who can help out.

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I got my code from Amazon can I get a refund?

Is there a method to get a refund for the game, if i bought it in the official microsoft online store?

This game is soo bad for me, i really want my money back. is there a possibility?

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I don’t think you can get a refund because you don’t like the game…

I was so dissapointed in this game with the lack of classes and rivals and such so i started a chat with xbox support and told them i wanted a refund and 10min later i got it. no problem at all and no regrets becuse this game is a trainwreck


Same. When I found out that there are no AI in private lobbies I refunded immediately. Went through MS support and it was done in 5 min.

I really, really want to play the game, but Turn 10 needs to listen and respond to issues first.


Just contact MS support through a chat box. You’ll need the transaction number of the game purchase. Refund only took 5 minutes to do. I didn’t need to uninstall before doing so as well, which is good because is was a pain to finally get the download working and was afraid of having to redownload if the refund was refused. The refund was the smoothest and most satisfying part of my FM7 experience.


Seriously…that made me laugh out loud when i read it. Got my refund also. Now I’m just here to troll the forums and make fun of the ones who think T10 will listen to them.


Thanks for the replies. I’m really trying to get this to install, but it just isn’t working. Got up to 10gb once, but mostly it fails under 100mb. For some reason it displays that it is installing ‘Forza 7 Standard Edition’ and ‘Forza Motorsport 7’. I mean what the hell, this is such a broken download manager.

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Yea I’m trying to get one now, just called customer support. tried playing the game for an hour with nothing but crashes and now I’m just tired of it. It’s been like, a month now.

I got my refund and it’s really really rare for me to get refunds on games because my motto is , “If I enjoyed some part of the game it was worth paying for.”

But I could not enjoy this game, all it did was crash. I spent the last hour just trying to play one race and it just crashed for an hour straight. That’s a broken product.

And compared to GT Sport (in terms of multiplayer) it completely outshines this game. I don’t care about it having less content if the game actually functions and has much better ideas.

I guess I’m going to try project cars 2 or something.

Btw I got my refund by calling support directly, if you do this have your account information, your email, and your order number ready


Microsoft offers a once a year, no questions asked refund for any and all Microsoft games. So if you have an issue, contact Microsoft through Live Chat or Phone call and they can give you a full refund in an allotted time frame. The process can take a few days for the refund to be redeposited to your account so keep that in mind.


I didn’t know you could even get refunds. Thought I was stuck with it and now it’s weeks later. So disappointed in this game. Tried to like it but i’ve Barely touched it. I’ll never pre order a Forza title again, especially any ultimate editions.


I don’t blame you. I already used my refund for the year so I am playing my PS4 til things actually work.

I gave up on that in FM5 lol

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Hi guys,

I bought a physical copy of the Ultimate Edition.

The game has became intolerable for many reasons that we all know. I am hoping to go into my local Game shop and ask for a refund under the Consumer Rights Act (UK) which superseded the Sale of Goods Act.

Goods must be fit for purpose - Again, I’m not going to go into why it isn’t fit for purpose on here, we all know the reasons why. What do you guys think? I can’t see a reason they can deny me on these grounds. If they’ve played the game themselves they’ll know exactly what I’m referring to. If they don’t I will spell it out politely for them.

Thoughts please?