REQUEST: Fuchs lubricants logo

Seems like no one has made this yet, I would love to have this logo on my car, any good painters that can make this? :slight_smile:

Fuchs Oil

I can give it a try when I get home and have some time. Either tonight or tomorrow I can see this being finished.

As far as lubricant logos go I need some help on the elf logo. If someone could do one so I can trace it and learn how to do the lettering better that would be great. If not I will print it, grid it, and start on that after the fuchs.

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Awesome, thank you very much :slight_smile: Only piece to I need to finish my Ciceley Racing avensis

I may not be able to get this done today due to time constraints. I will only have a little bit of time to get on the game later tonight and will get started. With time, it may take a day or two but I will work as quickly as I can. I want the design to be of quality work and not simply rushed out. Unfortunately with work this week I don’t have as much time once I get home to paint.


The logo is finished and shared. The file name is f lube with Logo and Manufacturer as the Keywords.

I would have named it accurately or put something in the description but Microsoft feels the need to sensor every little thing that could potentially offend every overly sensitive individual who may or may not be on their system. If only you could opt out of their censorship clause when signing up for an account…

Anyway, I hope you like the logo. I am by no means the best around and I tend to struggle with custom fonts.

Hate the sensorship myself mate. Used to be able to get out of Hooker Headers being disallowed by naming it H00KER Headers. Now they’ve stopped that as well.

The censorship makes me laugh, they block the most stupid stuff yet you go on multiplayer and the stuff coming out of kids mouths would make a sailor blush lol


LOL :slight_smile:

and thoughts on the logo? I don’t have a photo of it on anything yet so you will have to search for it in game. I wouldn’t mind the couple extra credits for a download even if you just delete it right after…
… I will try to get a photo up later this afternoon.

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I’ll take a look mate.

I have made the logo for you. It is under the name ‘F Lubricants’ or just search for designs under my name. If you want shadows added to it just let me know.