*Reproduceable* Event Lab Rules Crash - Windows 10

As seen in the screenshot below, if I create any Event Lab based event, via a route creation and then enter Rules I encounter a crash after selecting a couple of menu items.

For me I can reproduce this every time using the following steps -

  • Set Trigger as Checkpoint Passed
  • Add Condition of Get Players Place
  • Set to Triggering Player
  • Compare as Equal to
  • Against 1.0
  • Perform these Actions as Add Number
  • Set Number to 5.0
  • Select To this as Number
  • Try to change To this to Variable… CRASH

Once I select Variable from the drop down in step 9 I get a small hitch and freeze… then ultimately after 5-10secs a crash to desktop. Watching Task Manager at the time did not indicate any major resource consumption or memory related issue.