Replica Forza Racing (Classic Touring Car Championship) Sign up Now!

Replica Forza Racing would like to announce our first Monday event. Classic Touring Car Championship will see touring from around the world do battle. We have some classic BTCC cars a few Aussie touring car legends and one from the American series from back in 1993.
There is also a few endurance races at Bathurst and Spa though the season.
Races will take place on Mondays. qualifying will be at 8.30pm GMT and racing starts at 9pm GMT.

First race will be on Monday 1st of Feb 2016

Sign up now on our forums at Replica Forza Racing Forum

Hope to see you all on the track :slight_smile:


Here’s a practice race on Somona Full!
Some close racing and great overtakes. And some slight rubbin’ :wink:

Six drivers lined up so far, six different cars…
More to sign up shortly, for sure.

Going to be a divers grid.
It will be an epic close championship.

Come and join us.

Sign up now guys we have ten signed up already :slight_smile:

1 week to go untill kickoff event!

Can’t wait to start, time are epic close!

We’ve got 10 cars confirmed so far, With still just under a week until round 1! So plenty of time to still get involved before round 1.

You can also follow us on Twitter! @ReplicaRacing

We’ll be posting updates from qualifying and the races, As well as Series/Driver/Team announcements, And livery reveals. Also expect lots of media from the series we’re currently running! :slight_smile:

Only a few days away to start this series!
Still plenty of time to get involved!

11 cars confirmed and 7 manufacturers represented on the grid so far!

First race is this Monday at Indy GP, But still plenty of time to sign up and get involved. Just visit and sign up for a race number to enter!

You can also follow us on twitter at @ReplicaRacing

Race day is upon us! Round 1 tonight at 8:30 GMT with 13 cars so far confirmed!

Some pics from Round 1…

Round 2 kicks off tonight at 8:30pm GMT at Brands Hatch GP

Here’s a small vid of how i raced in Race 2 @ Brands Hatch

18 people in the race!

Next week we have round 3 awaiting us!
This 3 race event will be held on Hockenheim National.

There’s still room to join in to get a piece of the action!

sign up @
follow us on twitter @ReplicaRacing

Round 3 of our Classic Touring Cars is closing in!

next monday @ 8:30pm GMT we set off to Hockenheim where we have a 3 race event.
With 18 drivers last round, this week we hope to have a full grid this time!

Still a few spots left, so hurry up and register yourself @

See you then!

Tonight’s that time again.

We assemble on track @ hockenheim national
Qualifying will begin at 8:30pm GMT
Race starts at 9pm

Still room to join in.
Sign up windows will be open until 6pm tonight for this race,
after that, you can still join the series.

Round 3 Race 1 photo’s Hockenheim

Fantastic racing in round 3 last night, And some great looking cars on the grid!

Still plenty of racing to come this season, With lots of space for new drivers. Just visit and sign up for a race number! Hope to see some new faces for the Bathurst 100 next week! :slight_smile:

Round 3 Race 2 Photo’s - Hockenheim

Round 3, Race 3 - Hockenheim


Here are two vids of the racing @ Hockenheim