Hello everybody!!!
This is my first time on Forza Forums.
Now, since I’m an old timer I still only have an Xbox 360 and I had question about Forza Horizon. For some reason, I can’t access replays. I don’t know why this is but I’m pretty sure that this is a pretty wide spread thing. Basically, when I rewind, instead of getting the cool rewind effect, I simply get a black screen and THEN it shows my rewound state, however, there’s no choice for “Watch Replay.”
It’s the same after races, too. No replay.
Does anyone know why this is happening?

Maybe you are out of storage space?

I’ve seen that happen in more than one Forza game. If you abuse the rewind for some reason it stops showing the animation and just jump to the previous recorded location.
Not a problem as it happens in specific situations and it rewinds you anyway, but to happen everytime maybe your Xbox are not being allowed to use memory for it.

Thank you! I also speculated that it was my storage since I have a 3Gb model and pretty much out of storage. And yes, it has been happening to really all racing games with a potential replay option.
It also does happen everytime. However, my cousins recently got an XBOX 360 WITH a 250Gb drive and it does the same thing.

Well that’s weird.
Since you seem to be using the disc to play, I suggest you use a 16GB USB flash drive. It can be one of those available in any store. It doesn’t need to be the official ones.

Then you press X in the game block to show the game page/details and Install it. Maybe that helps. It surely hepls with loading times I assure you. (Try playing Dance Dance Revolution without installing haha)

You can use any USB device up to 2 TB on the Xbox 360. You don’t need the official hard disk drive if you don’t want it.

  • I remembered the situations where that happened to me. In Horizon 2 when taking pictures in the race against the war helicopter the rewind started behaving like this after using it to much.
    Also in Forza 5 on the Xbox One when playing 50 laps races or those long races like Nordschleife or Le Mans with a lot of laps. So in races I’ve seen it happen in more than 1 hour long races really. So it needs to be a memory issue. It shouldn’t happen all the time.