Replay Telemetry issues.

Same as FM6.
The telemetry in replays is off. When I exit the pits, tire wear shows 25% or higher, are we being putted with used tires? I’ve noticed the tire heat is suspect as well. Do a burnout and watch your front tires heat up with a rear wheel drive car… bizarre.
Frustrating at best as telemetry is a vital tool to car setup.

Yea I noticed other things that are off in the telemertry in replays.

Replays are a reconstruction from data points saved from the session, the accuracy of the telemetry relies on how accurately the replays are reconstructed and unfortunately in FM7 the replay reconstruction is pathetic, which makes the telemetry from a replay completely useless. Replays cannot even accurately depict what gear you were using and when you change them, or if you damaged your gearbox when shifting, I have on several occasions watched a replay and it depicts that I grinded every gear and cooked the gearbox, the replay reconstructs that my gear changes were taking absurd times but yet the car speed could still increase when it wasn’t in gear. Never the less, in the actual race I never missed a shift.

If you want to use the telemetry to help tune your car you need to do it in real time.