Replay saves still not a concern of t10?

i have spent about $600 in past Forza titles including the vip stuff expansions etc, plus a game capture card $150
between my 2 youtube accounts over 400 videos made. evercoolracing 133 videos x5thwheelx 300 videos

heres my question to turn 10. if you buy a brand new car and the onscreen display works less than 20% of the time used, you take it back and get the dealership to fix it.
well the replays have greatly diminished in race info after F4. replays no longer have a lap/race timer onscreen, finishing positions and times omitted, big dissapointment.
but with less info to retain you would think replays saves would never be a issue.
the group i race with meet once a week our lobbies are small less then 10 avg, and race length avg 10 laps. each of us will try to save the replays and will share them ( in the case of a miracle one of us actually get one saved. ) so i can make the highlight reel.
i would truly like a response from t10 on their stance on this issue, no smoke, just the honest truth.
t10 is the first to boast on how great the product is, now the time to prove it.

patiently waiting
frustrated movie editor

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Less replay info, nailed it. This is also what T10 did since Forza 5.

When I send the replays to snowowl, I tell him around what lap/corner the incident happened. Many times I don’t even remember because there’s nothing on screen.

It was so easy in Forza 4…