Replay issues on PC


When im gona see my replay, it just standing there like a slow speed.
When i move the mouse around things starts to happend.

What is wrong with this?

Im using a Logitech G29 and use that to control the menu, should i disable the mouse?

I am having a similar with my Thrustmaster T300RS. If the last input I did was from the steering wheel, like selecting Replay using the wheel buttons the replay itself it stuck in the beginning. If I fast forward to some point then the replay goes in reverse (or rewind). Once I move the mouse or press anything on the keyboard or on my XBox One controller the replay will go forward normally. It’s like the game is detecting some analog input from the wheel that in my case acts as a full rewind input. On yours it could be that it’s reading an analog value that makes things go in slow motion.

Problem is there is no way for us to rebind the controls for replays. Since Microsoft games are mostly XInput nowadays it’s like DirectInput devices are getting the short end of the stick. But they did wonders on the new FFB so hopefully they could fix this issue too. It’s not game breaking since you could simply move your mouse a bit during replays but it really is annoying.