Replay expedition

So I’m kind of dumb, during the Baja expedition, I forgot to do almost all the optional accolades, including the barn find rumour for the T100. Now not only is the T100 the only car missing from my collection, my OCD also tells me to finish this. I tried replaying the expedition via the icon on the map, but it never gave me the option to do the optional accolades. It just told me to continue driving to the buggy and not give me anything else. Is this a bug or should I do something else?

You should just restart it. The items needed should still be there.
If not, try a Microsoft-reboot and try again. I missed one first round and redid it no problem

Definitely a bug. I remember the same happened to me the first time i did it, i completely forgot all of them. I didnt have any problems replaying the chapter and getting em later.