Replay cockpit view?


So I’ve searched all over and I cannot find anything, is there and if so how can I do it, during a replay to have an inside the car cockpit view? If there is no option then I am shocked at such a missing feature! It would be amazing to have!

I like to make drift videos and I drift from all angles looking for the best but an inside car view from the replay would be amazing!

On Replays, go over to camera view, once highlighted switch from Replay cameras to Game cameras; you can now cycle through all the various cameras used during racing with the X button.

Awesome stuff man! Thank you so much!!!

The replays are pretty rubbish. Id did a 20 lap race and my final lap was a top one percenter. Saved the treplay so I could grab footage of the lap. The replay only gave me the first 10 laps, and to find this out I had to watch all 10 because it’s impossible to see what lap you’re on and the fast forward goes at the same speed as the footage and the skip forward button skips an unspecified amount of time.

Sadly replays are overlooked in FM7.

Indeed. They went to all that trouble to put in a superb photography feature (one where I was able to take a far away picture of my Honda S2000 negotiating The Chase at Mount Panorama from the top of the mountain) but neglected what seems to me like a fairly (comparitively) simple feature like what lap you’re on and you only get half the footage which nobody notices as a result.