Repeated cars being offered?

I hope this makes sense, but I am currently doing the career on Forza 7.
After one of the races, I was offered a car with a discount as you get everytime your xp goes up a rank.
At the time, I didn’t realise you could save them until later and not wanting to only have like 30k left, I declined (Bugatti Veyron) and went for the 50k cr.
I wondered if anyone knows if I will ever be offered it again, because after checking, it’s not a vehicle I can just purchase myself.
So, I assume they don’t only offer the special vehicles once, but I just wanted to ask so I can get some cash earned for next time.
Cheers :slight_smile:

It will eventually be offered again. The same thing happened to me and I also declined as I did not have the credits to buy it then. It came around again and I had the credits then and bought it the 2nd time.
Another option is to save it for a later date but I do t remember what button does this but I believe it is prompted. Then when you have enough money you can go over to the saved rewards and buy it. It will store several cars for you there for future purchase but keep in mind first in…first out. That means if you have 8 cars saved and you want the car you last put in there you have to buy all the cars first. Basically like the oldest saved goes first till none left saved


Thanks for the reply, I’m glad about that, I now check what I am offered and see if it’s for sale normally, or if it’s only a reward vehicle, if it’s for sale normally, I just take the credits.
Just bought the Renault F1 car, along with an old LMR car and so now I’m low on credits again.
I also bought the VIP pack a few minutes ago, because I thought you got 100% x3 Mods, but I don’t seem to have them.
I must be mistaken, I thought I’d seen it on someone elses.

Yes you can save the cars to purchase later or take the cash or driver gear. I have had over 30 cars saved. I wish there was a way to look through all you have saved and purchase just the ones you want and save the rest for later. It just seems to have the last one saved showing. Funny thing is some of the cars I saved did not show up on top. I don’t know if they got saved or not. I always either buy the car right there and then or save. I never take the credits or driver gear. Credits are not hard to build up so I always have about a million in the bank. Unlike real life. You always want to keep some credits available for the specialty dealer cars. And they also seem to be on repeat these days.

Press the “B” key when offered (I do not believe “B” is displayed), it will save the purchase for later. First In, Last Out is the way they will be presented back.

After all those rewards and cars I passed for being too expensive…I had no idea you could save these.

There are usually Veyrons for sale in the auction house.

Veyron was first offered for me at level 250, it has since come up at least two more times between then and my current level of 555.

Thanks again, sorry this will be a double post, but for some reason my account is on moderation, not sure why, so replies are taking ages while the mods post them.
My current level is 130ish, just turned my console off so can’t remember what it exactly is, but it was offered to me at around level 70 from memory.
I’m not too bothered about that particular car, it’s more a case of not being able to buy it in the dealership and eventually I want the 700 car achievement.
Instead of making a separate post about it, I wondered if anyone could tell me how to get those endless VIP Mod things I saw?
I’ve seen them on a few YouTube channels, the reason I think they’re endless is because they don’t have the little ‘use’ things showing on the cards, which was one of the main reasons I just bought the VIP pass.
I’ve looked for other ones but they are all for cars or car packs.
Also, is anyone else having issues redeeming codes at the moment?
I got my One S for Christmas and I got it with a FH3 code included, but I can’t claim it, it just keeps saying their is an error, wait a while and try again.
I know this is a Forza specific forum but you seem like a helpful bunch of people so far, so hopefully someone can help with that too! :slight_smile:

I usually take the car as opposed to driver gear or the 50k, I then sell the car at the auction for the lowest buyout, which I hope helps others and makes me a small profit. The cars i get rid of are frequently offered back to me as level rewards, so yes expect to see duplicate vehicles offered again at some point.