Repaying for car packs i already paid for????????

I cant drive my BMW M2 or M4 GTS and many other DLC cars the game tells me to buy the car pack again whenever i try to drive them. These cars are all in my garage and i paid the $30 for all car packs the game will give you. I thought it was a glitch or something but it still hasn’t been fixed. Can anyone give me a number to call? or some type of support service for Forza. This is absolutely unacceptable i will not repurchase car packs i already paid for!

go into manage game for FH3 on your console and make sure all your DLC is installed and nothing is in the “waiting to install” section for FH3

i responded to the post you made last week but looks like you never went back to see the responses

for some reason some peoples consoles deleted their DLC and it just needs to be reinstalled
it hasn’t only happened with Forza titles either