Renault RS17 Gearing

I have gotten the handling side of this tune right now, it feels very stable, even at lower speeds when the aero isn’t effective. It has a nice feeling to it. I just can’t seem to get the gears right on this car. Having 8 gears doesn’t really help me as I’ve never tunes a car with 8 gears before and the default setting doesn’t work too well either. I just end up with either 1st to 5th taking me through to 210mph and 6th, 7th and 8th being completely redundant or 1st and 2nd just rip to the limiter so I can only really use 3rd through to 7th with just 8th being redundant. Or both. Either way, when I drive with all these vastly different setups the result always ends up being the same; it’s pretty slow and a limited choice of gears means my speed suffers in the exits to some corners. A lot of corners. It’s frustrating. I’ve spent hours trying to figure out a sequence but I just keep coming up with the same results. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get the most out of all 8 gears without burying gears or making them unmanageable? I never have this much trouble setting up a gearbox!

The default gears are way to short in sequence to each other.
Try making the first 5 gears longer, and 6,7,8 a bit shorter.
Make sure the 8th gear is just around the max in regards to top speed.