Rename twice

Does everyone else have the issue that if you rename a livery or a vinyl, you have to do it twice? First time doesn’t change it, second time does. No biggie, just odd.

Never had to do that. Are you leaving the My Designs section after renaming it the first time and then coming back in to check? When you initially rename it there, it doesn’t show the new name until you exit and come back.

Ah, that’s got to be the problem, it’s not refreshing the name displayed unless coming out or renaming again.

Thanks, that’s a quicker solution.

I’ve had this ‘issue’ every time, too- didn’t know you had to exit to get it to show either. Good to know.

Changing to the fm6 liveries tab and going back also works …

Another solution :slight_smile:
Funny bug, I guess it’s not all that inconvenient so no-one’s reported it. I assume FM6 (or others) doesn’t have the same issue.