Rename FH4 "find a tree or wall to get stuck on". While racing online

GRRRRR… I’m not great at racing. I usually get stuck on a tree or get slammed into a wall.

I’ve gotten kindof OK at racing. It still happens occasionally, but not nearly as often.


Racing is definitely a long learning curve. Just keep at it and I’m sure you’ll improve!

Don’t forget to consider things like the tunes you have on your car, or difficulty level of the Drivatars. Start on an easy difficulty and make your way up to harder ones slowly. Even the game will prompt you if you’re doing well and beating everyone if the difficulty level is too easy.


Rivals is a great place for learning tracks, select any track you consider the most difficult for you at the time, make a first try, disregard you have some collision or not, get to the finish line. Then you have 2 options:

  • pick the proposed challenger possibly with a very close time
  • leave and go back to rivals, select same track, same class, press Y, Y again, it should show you your rank, select it. This done you are racing against yourself.
    Focus on not having hits and missed checkpoints, better time will come after.

once you feel comfortable with ending the track without big hits or missed checkpoints, take it solo with drivatars.

Tips; some like to see the rival’s car but it can be very disturbing when times comes to pass it through. From the Display configuration menu you can deactivate ghost car display. This done, only the dot on the minimap and moving checkpoints flag will inform you if you are late or not.

Beginner level, look for tunes with max grip regardless engine power.

Last tip, braking sooner will get you to the finish line faster.


well the improvement that can be done to the races layout in cities … u re not always stuck in those edges by mistake … some griefers use them to take u out

but the worst to me are the props left on the track, countless time i lost a position because i was pushed on a trash can or something else

to me tracks in cities should be layed out like monaco with guardrails all around the tracks

Thanks for all the suggestions…I’ve been on Forza for a long time. I will use races that are custom many times for fun. But I would like to complete some seasons. I love doing the PR stunts and like trying them over and over to get the season objectives complete. I mess up a lot in the Trial and in Playground Seasonal event and feel bad for those on my team. (I’m at Tier 10, Total Forza 16091 and have been driving since 2014)… I love tuning. amI working on getting Tier 6. I love doing my own blueprint t for Elmsdon on the Sea 1.5 Hours…that I have down to a rhythm with shifting and hitting all the check points and avoiding trees) with no assists, a steering wheel and stick. I’ve gotten better at racing but the cars do twist, especially on off-road or cross country.

Same with me in the race…but while roaming i take shortcut in the forest… LOL

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I’m trying to get all the stars in Top Gear…so close, yet so far :slight_smile:

This post instantly made me think of Freeroam Rush.

Freeroam Rush made develop a new found respect for trees.

I’ve recently have been able to complete all the seasons. I am mediocre at best on the trials but I try my best. I try to stay away from online multiplayer events…I just upset the other drivers. Speed-zones are rough having to do u-turns with the wheels at highspeed, but I get it done. I’ve learned that to get through the season championships; tune the springs, anti-roll bars, tires, gearing with AWD first in a lower class car and then tune up to more speed enhancements to match the class of the race…(start with a C-class and tune up to an A-class). Sorry it took awhile to do a reply…I’ve had forum and support problems… i had to change my game id and things are still bouncing. I can’t enter support tickets and Turn-10 hasn’t replied to my inquiries. Thanks.

Normally I wonder why people revive a year-old post…but in this case, Hey, it’s you! lol

I have also been getting better in my time here in FH4, but then I look at some of the times some of the others post and think “okay…long way to go yet” lol

If you ever want to hop on my team while doing the Trials, by all means do so. I tend to run them numerous times during the week, mostly to try other cars I want to use but also just to allow some of the players who are not as strong to make it through. My first Trial was an S2 road course…and I just got obliterated. I rode on the coattails of the better drivers. Took me awhile to handle S2. Then there was a Cross Country buggy event where no matter what I tuned, just could not compete. El Barto came through with a tune that I still use. So I appreciate the help I have gotten from the community…willingly or otherwise…lol. And I offer the same.

So play as you want to play. Run what you want to run. And if you need a reasonably strong driver to help you through the Trials…look me up, I’ll be happy to have you along.

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Ah, the concept I call “Suddenly…” Like, suddenly…tree. Suddenly…car. Suddenly…you get the idea.

I mean… There are brakes.

Haha, I like this. Agree with it. I don’t have anywhere near the number of problems with trees and checkpoints playing solo as I do multiplayer. I’d have to guess my total failure rate in multiplayer races is about 75%. Usually it is in the last seconds of a race too. And rewind tends to not put me back far enough the first time to correct things so I need to try a second time, or a third, or fourth. Helps me maintain my consistent last place finishes I guess. I’ve even had it be so late in a race that Rewind is off so I just have to sit there stuck running out the ‘Race is finished in…’ clock.