Remove / Re-Design Free Roam Rush + Positive Outlook Online for January

Before I mention Free Roam Rush I’d like to thank Playground for enticing a promising update end of January with the Solo Adventure. The team mode just never felt right as a stand alone feature. There’s a reason everyone enjoyed the previous games and their online design being able to hop in whenever you want solo and just get better at the tracks with no emphasis of relying on team mates.

Now Free Roam Rush by all means a different way of getting to events but the actual racing just doesn’t feel like…racing.

Most of the people I’ve spoken to just don’t get an enjoyable experience. It’s often a case of who misses the most trees and who has the most powerful AWD car. Your very rarely side by side with other drivers other than the starting line and that combined with the mode switiching between race events means RWD cars don’t stand a chance in Rush and vice versa for AWD cars that struggle on long road races with tarmac. By taking the road routes exclusively 90% of the time you will lose as most of the tracks have a final shortcut section which is undoubtedly quicker.

As a suggestion I recommend Rush be an optional mode for players. So players can choose between Solo Adventure with/without Rush and Team Adventure with/without Rush.

It’s just confusing having to work out for yourself should I go AWD, RWD, FWD and hope I win all the race mode events.



I hope freeroam stays. I understand your stance but with the teams i’ve been getting stuck with freeroam seems to be our only chance to win. Last night I had numerous people on my own team knocking me outside the flag. I win freeroam 90% of the time, maybe higher than that because I know the map and I can FLEE from the rest of the wreckers. Nothing like being wrecked and then having them gloat with those silly quickchats.

I’m probably gonna stick to solo adventure because I either get stuck with a horrible team or get a good team that wins but the result is +0 or even -1. How the hell do you lose points in a win? Its insanity

I love free roam rush. Gives a break from the wreckers and bangers because you have room to escape them.
It adds an entire new level of fun to the game, something I honestly believe forgot how to do,have fun.

I suspect if people would stop worrying about winning at all cost and start havong fun, they may enjoy the game a whole lot better.

My best racing is in last place, I never have some angry, jealous child constantly trying to smash me through a wall.

If I want to attempt a win,I got free roam to escape the anger and jealousy.

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It’s amusing that you who like Freeroam Rush like it because Team Adventure inherently is just awful.


Team Adventure is aweful because of group/club bullying.
Add in the fact that nobody actually cares about the team, only themselves and winning at all cost, you can see why some would think team adventure is aweful.

I’ve been playing online racing games since the dos days, teams have never been a viable option. Win at all cost Trumps teamwork.


If you like free roam rush, then being able to pick cross country adventure would be good right? So ditch it for street, road, and dirt. Everybody’s happy