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Hi, there…
i’d like to remove Horizon1 photos from my gallery, but i can’t. I can upload them by the game, but when i try to remove any, it says “servers not avalaible…”. But they are not, otherwise i could’nt upload them… anyone have a good tip to remove? (for eventually replace them by others, to be able to get back all i have in the game…).

ps: it seems possible to add and remove in FH2, but only to add in FH1 (and not to remove…)…i thought it was because FH1 was in “end of life”, but it doesn’t making sense to upload…but not to remove?

Have a good day, Forza players


I’m experiencing the exact same thing! It is driving me insane, hope it isnt permanent :confused:

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And now, neither photos of FH1 or FH2 are visible… “not uploaded content find”, it says…for 3 weeks or more. What’s going on, in this site?

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