Remove B class Online Adventure

One thing i’ve noticed when playing FH4 Online Adventure is that everyone seems to leave when its B class dirt racing. I don’t blame them, its too slow paced and boring. Also TG Track-Tors seem to be almost unbeatable so there goes vehicle diversity. While you guys are at it can you make Road and Street races 5 events please? I feel they end way too quickly in comparison to Dirt and Cross country.

I quite enjoy the lower class adventures. I could make the same request for S2 class, as a good number of people I know hate that class… but I won’t.


My personal favorite is A class racing, nice speed and a pretty relaxed pace


Um, NO, B class needs to be expanded/fully restored. People tend to leave because racing against five or six Franken-tractors is pointless. More classes = wider vehicle pool, there’s your diversity right there (continuing to remove chunks of the game reduces diversity, btw). Trac-tor is a problem, obscenely overpowered; simple nerf would make B class a brand new world.

Road and Street seem so much shorter than Dirt and Cross Country because THEY ARE so much shorter after the removal of Freeroam Rush from Road and Street by the developers thanks to a lot of crying by delicate elitists who were just too shattered having to learn a whole new map, one more challenging than flat Australia.

I’d be careful about calling for more removal of parts of the game, they might kill off stuff you really like.


Totally with you on the Trac-Tor as it could be B-Class’s main issue. As far as the pace goes I think that’s more of a subjective matter, I highly prefer faster races on the other hand. The least they could do is stick with FH3’s Adventure system minus the positions depending on XP.

I wasn’t really speaking to pace, however, that is a point I would make…I’ll go further and state that C class should also return in full form. B and C are fast enough for worthwhile racing, and are much more controllable in H4 than what I recall they were overall in H3. Subjective? Sure. Tuning is still a must, but I think many would be pleasantly surprised.

If you mean the framework of H3’s online adventures, yeah sure that’d be a step up, though xp is sort of the point of a xp championship, which had that focus on clean racing as a traffic calming measure of sorts. Perhaps keeping H3’s xp championship on for H4’s standard multiplayer while opting for H4’s current setup for Ranked gameplay might have worked out to some degree.

Yeah, I really enjoy B as well as both C and D, though I understand prejudices others may have with C and D. B700 on asphalt is plenty fast, and if B is already doing Dirt with Freeroam Rush, there’s absolutely no reason to omit B Cross-Country. There aren’t any fragile superhyperelite cars banging around in B700, so I don’t see any reason B Road and Street vehicles can’t handle Freeroam Rush’s as well.

I’m not sure restricting Trac-tor, or any vehicle, is the way to go…to have something that works ‘here’ but not ‘there’ would be cumbersome to players, nevermind the precedent that may set for future PI/problem cars (consider the restrictions already in place for vehicle class and event type in multiplayer online adventures). Now imagine the next release with a clutch of cars all with varying extents of use - not fun sounding at all. Ultimately, I think the surest, cleanest way to address the Trac-tor is to just nerf the bejezus out of it in B700 and C600, complete with leaderboard adjustments, of course. I’d be amenable to allowing it to remain overpowered in D class, where a FrankenTractor may realistically be found. Of course, doing so begs the question of addressing the Peel, as well, which I also believe warrants a healthy nerfing…but where would it end, etc?

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There are lot of great cars in C-class. I think it’s about how to get people more interested about them.


Agreed, and I am so glad bring that up! I was just thinking about this early in the week, and how the every once in a while we see a playlist event dip down to C600 but I’m not sure that sort of infrequency is going to move any needles very much…and I had the idea for a new playlist championship that would ‘help’ people get familiar with some new classes and vehicle pools…

CLASS LADDER CHAMPIONSHIP: A five race championship featuring each class (excluding X, S2), but in a tiered, ladder format, beginning with D class for the first event and climbing up the ladder to the next class for each successive event. Typical variables (locations, environments, restrictions) as usual, gameplay either solo v. Drivatars, or team v. Drrivatars.

I totally love that idea, so I’m sure everyone else will hatehatehate it and likely be thrown into convulsions at the thought of it…


Nothing wrong with the idea, I have thought something like this myself.

I think the main problem is route selection. I think there are enough short routes and circuits to create lower class (D - C) championships for every event type, but I don’t know if there’s enough of them to have variety for weekly playlist events for long.


Ban or restrict Track Tor and expand B class to include the other event types. It’s a really fun category but for one vehicle ruining it.


Don’t remove B class just remove the Track-Tor. B class dirt was so much fun before that dumb thing came along.


I hate that idea, at least until they fix their terrible car selection menu.

But B class is fun for racing if not for the meta

It seems like more people enjoy B as a class than I thought they would. I’m afraid i’ll have to contradict myself by saying keep it in the game because now that I think of it, fast racing, fast cars are the stable meta. Slow racing really adds that diversity so game play is more fluid and dynamic. Also the bone shaker is an issue


I say remove S2 and replace it with B road, B cross country and C-class.


I really enjoy S2, the cars are so fast you’re basically phased out while driving, if you’re driving competitively.

B-class Dirt was awesome when it was added as a replacement for S2 Dirt. Obviously the Track-Tor completely ruined it. Aside from a very minor selection of tight, low speed tracks where things like the '65 Mini widebody can beat it it’s just obsolote to join with something different.

Given the boring nature of FRR - where besides path/map knowledge not much driving skill is needed - the Track-Tor is basically unbeatable there.
I used my '11 Raptor lately in unranked. I won the races against the Track-Tor’s because the drivers weren’t good but even against them I couldn’t win the FRR events.

Finished the Gauntlet 23 seconds ahead of 2nd place (Track-Tor of course) with a 10:15.XXX. Would be good enough for #11 in Rivals and best non-Track-Tor time but #1 is still ~30 seconds ahead of this.
In short: B-class Dirt has become simply pointless due to the “Clown-Fiesta”.

The most effective and easiest way to nerf the Track-Tor? Don’t allow an AWD swap. As RWD it’s garbage like a car with such proportions should be.


I always leave when B class comes up, it just takes too long to do 5 races and I can’t be bothered to sit there for half an hour. I’d prefer S2 had been kept in. But I see why they made the changes they did, and I can deal with it.

I believe online would be vastly more popular if they went back to the first Forza Horizon system of having single races, not these lengthy ‘adventures’. But they’ll never do that, so here we are.

I do not want this to move into Horizon, but I’ve always appreciated the class tier progression system in the Motorsport series. Starting out in either D or C class forces each player to become accustomed to their car. Moving to B class for the most part adds a bit more performance to the same car in C class. Moving up to A class gives a big boost on overall performance, handling and what not. (And that is why A class is my favorite class.)

Migrating to the top of S1 class is where it begins to get a bit ridiculous. Such a large audience of Horizon now is children, most of whom do not know how to tune or how to spot and use a good tune. Because of that, the insane power boost from A to S1 class becomes more of a fallback. Moving even farther to S2 topped at 998, most runs of those are just absurd. Even if I make a decent RWD grip tune, AWD vehicles in S2 always pass me. As unfortunate as it is for me to say it, most of my RWD tunes are now in B and A classes. My S1 RWD tunes simply cannot compete with S1 AWD tunes (counting in whatever assists other people use).

I say B class adventure should say simply for the reason that many people seem to hate it because the cars are “too slow”. I like that because when a bunch of people end up leaving it’s usually just me and maybe three or four other people left. Plus, most times the people that remain in the session are like me and appreciate lower classes for the same reason. Classes below S1 retain their versatility tuning-wise, so why would you want to burn B class when A class is not much different?

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There is no way they would ever remove S2, it seems to be the most popular based on how FH3 class selection went lol.

I’d love to see B Class Cross Country and Road Racing though, as long as they nerfed or banned Track-Tor though. It’s nice to cruise around at slow speeds sometimes, no need to blast through the corners at 300km/h every time.

I also agree that they should increase number of races in Road/Street events, it’s definitely too short, especially in S2 class.

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