Release Notes: April 26 (Series 7)

FH5 Release Notes: April 26th, 2022


We’re constantly working to improve the experience in Forza Horizon 5. Below you will find a summary of items fixed or improved upon in this update.

Version Number:

  • Xbox One: 2.455.709.0
  • Xbox Series: 3.455.709.0
  • PC: 3.455.709.0
  • Steam: 1.455.709.0


  • New Horizon Tour events allow “Power Trip” Accolade to be completed
  • Fixed “Now we’re talking” Accolade
  • Fixed “It’s go time” Accolade
  • Fixed “Prophet of Regret” Accolade
  • Fixed “Seven Day Wonder” Accolade where completing any dailies outside of the current season would not complete this

Festival Playlist

  • Fixed issue where Series Rivals was awarding 4 points per season instead of 4 points per Series
  • Fixed issue which could cause the Treasure Chest not to appear after solving the clue
  • Fixed issue where the Forzathon Weekly wouldn’t register the required car being owned and driven in the first chapter


  • Added over 200 new Horizon Tour events
  • Added specific Drivatar names to Horizon Tour and The Trial
  • Improved the UI flow when leaving the Badges screen
  • Improved the Custom Racing UI logic when choosing PI and Type
  • Fixed crash when playing an Open Championship when at a Horizon Open level of 1000
  • Fixed scenario where a Convoy joining a complex EventLab event could result in the Convoy not making it into the event


  • Added Series 6 collectables to EventLab props
  • Added new conditions “get torque scalar” and “get gravity scalar” to EventLab rules of play
  • Added new low and medium strength Bounce Pads in addition to the existing Bounce Pad in EventLab props
  • Updated Apex Wall Prop to not have invisible collision above it in EventLab
  • Fixed broken UI when creating a different race type Event from the base Event type in EventLab
  • Fixed issue where players couldn’t turn traffic on even if there were no props


  • Updated Morris Minor to reflect correct year
  • Fixed Volvo V60 Polestar left wing mirror was showing the right mirror’s projection
  • Fixed livery mapping on the 2008 BMW M3 when using certain body kits
  • Fixed issue where an auto upgraded Unimog couldn’t be driven in Manual w/ Clutch


  • Fixed stall when engaging in a Head to Head both in Freeroam and during Eliminator
  • Fixed issue when moving the game to a second monitor and making it full screen


  • Various stability improvements
  • Added Screen Reader functionality to more screens
  • Fixed exploit with Drift Zone and Trailblazers
  • Fixed issue in Super7 where retrying or revalidating a challenge wouldn’t let the creator edit any placed props
  • Fixed Mask layer group UI in the Livery Editor
  • Fixed issue where a tree had appeared in Ek Balam Cross Country Circuit
  • Fixed subtitle errors in Drift Club Mexico
  • Fixed an issue where Festive decoration could incorrectly appear in Freeroam

Look for the content update to release after 10am Pacific on Tuesday.

YES Eliminator lag fixed, treasure hunt fixed, S2 Tour, Forzathon Weekly fixed, other Accolades fixed, that annoying tree in Ek Balam Cross Country Circuit removed. Very nice update.


Horizon Tour changes sound great, hoping there is also some street racing in those 200+ events.


Good update!

Seems to be a good update but i’m no longer gonna get my hopes up that it will all work seamlessly.


The game is NOT SAVING progress correctly
This week I lost 2 times the progress I made in the day, I had to do the spring playlist again and pray I don’t miss anything when I exit the game.

Does anyone have any updated information if the developers will fix this save issue ?

I didn’t read or see anything about S2 Tour. Did it get removed from the list or are you just hoping they added this??

200 new Tour events, one of them’s got to be S2. Also they just about confirmed it in the Series 6 stream.


Wait, this was a bug? All of the series/monthly events have always added points to every season. I’m really worried this is going to leave seasons uncompletable.

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Edit: The accolade unlocked. You can completely ingnore what i had written before (everything below this sentence).

Why (and when) has this disappeard off the list of known issues?

“Going Places” Accolade (Complete All Horizon Tour Challenges in the same Series) not unlocking

Has it been fixed with the upcoming update? If so, why isn’t it part of the patch notes? Or are you not going to fix it, but then why isn’t it listed as “won’t fix or by design”.

Or maybe i need to get my eyesight checked?

They added back more Seasonal Championships, those can supply the necessary points.

Disappointed Getting Creative Accolade still not fixed

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So points have been removed for doing the monthly rivals, was that really a issue that needed fixing, while others have been left again.

I got the accolade last Thursday. I guess something was fixed but not properly. I’m sure it will pop up for you too eventually like it did for me. I’ve golded every series so far too and got those messages about Tour completion.

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I actually liked having that tree as an obstacle



“200 new Horizon Tour events”, do they come with a schedule visible in game or do we have to sit there for hours and write stuff down every time it changes?

is the new tour shedule already online? I assume thats don’t need a client update