Reinstate XP score back on Main UI Menu

Would be great to get the XP score back on the main screen. Enough Space there below the CR and Accolades section.
used this in FH4 to decide whether or not to go for next rank up on Hooning or Online event.
On Online events you get a rank up and Wheelspins added without any choice to reject or sell back - hence the clutter of unwanted cars in the garage.
Bring back the option to see the current XP level or at least let us sell back cars from the garage like they do in FM to get get rid of cars that I don’t want to be added in the first place without a choice.

I level up so frequently that it doesn’t really matter (do a round of Eliminator or a Trial and I can almost be guaranteed to level up at least once even if I just leveled up). Knowing how far I am to the next level up on XP wouldn’t really influence whether the next thing I do is an online event or not.

But I would like to have the ability to postpone wheelspins until in free roam or have the ability to sell them back later. Maybe they could make it so we can only sell back a car that we have duplicates of.

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That was what I was saying - always checked the XP before doing an online to see if I was in danger of a level up with the usual unwanted car in the wheelspin that I couldn’t reject.

I always tracked my XP to see how close I was and if too close just did some Hooning or an offline before going back to online. Now - no clue where I’m at so just have to hope I don’t get another useless car.

It’s mainly about trying to avoid unwanted cars in wheelspins that you can’t do anything but accept them into the garage. Trying to get rid of loads of duplicates, not get more that I don’t want.