Reinstalled FH4, now sync is stuck at 0%

After an increase in throttling performance and online disconnection, i decided to reinstall Forza Horizon 4 hoping to fix the issue. When i restarted the game after the reinstallation, i was left with the sync window stuck at 0% after nearly 30 minutes. I have put in alot of time and effort into grinding my car collection, and would like to get my data back so that i can resume playing with my friends again.

Until you have an error message you should not stop it. Took 20mn for mine to reach 1%,

Yeah, after the first 10% it should snyc quicker, just hang in there.

I wonder who at Microsoft thinks their cloud system’s performance is acceptable? I wonder why no industry journalist ever asks them these questions?

It’s acceptable for me, I’ve had no issues other than when I moved and didn’t have WiFi. I had to do a work around involving creating a local save, restarting, connecting to hotspot in game, creating a cloud save and restarting again. And that’s not even a cloud issue. I’ve even quit out during sync because I’m not gonna wait a half hour for a game to start up, and my save is still fine.

i’m in the same situation, but i’m not really caring since i’m currently on a vacation from this game, maybe i’ll come back once there something that is not only “new cars”.