Reining in the Mustang GT350R

Maybe I just need to work on my throttle and brake control, but does anyone else think the GT350R is incredibly tail happy? I’m not the best driver but this Mustang has been touted as the most track capable Mustang ever, and I just feel as though I’m on the edge all the time. Whether it’s entering a turn or trying to exit a turn that tail does not want to cooperate.

Yes, I noticed it as well but I tuned it out with some suspension softening in the rear. I haven’t touched the car since launch though cuz it sounds so bad so my memory may be cloudy

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I run it with manual w/clutch and no assist it’s not tail happy for me

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I call BS… I run the same, and it’s tail happy with sluggish handling no way this is a true replica of the GT350 stag’s handling.

I was absolutely having the same issue. Oversteer on power, liftoff oversteer, you name it. I think it might be an issue with the rear diff? Under no power in a medium speed corner it’ll independently brake the rear wheels loose for me, which is incredibly unpredictable and frustrating.

Maybe I was just expecting too much but I think you’re right. It’s supposed to be the most track capable mustang in history, able to compete with European cars and I found it to be completely useless on the track. (Nevermind the lack of sound from what is supposed to be a vicious high revving V8).

Maybe its just a tuning issue but it feels pretty fundamental to the car. Not that I can’t find other cars to drive, but its pretty disappointing.

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This is the case, most definitely. It just requires some fine tuning on the rear suspe sion and anti roll bars. Once that’s done, it’s pretty good tbh

In one of the early career races which is 4 night driving courses I started out with the Jaguar F-Type but found it too hard for the same reason. I actually switched to the GT350R and was surprised how little it was fishtailing (all assists off except for ABS).

For the GT350 try dropping your rear anti roll bar to ~16 or ~18 and soften your rear springs about 250 pounds from stock and see if that helps you. There is a lot more than those two to adjust but it should give you close to what you are looking for. Another thing for career mode is not to quick upgrade. Find the career PI cap you need and tune it yourself.

i own a 2015 gt in real life and from my experience from the gt in game and gt350r are pretty similar. You just have to be light on the throttle and you’ll be fine.

if you’re using a controller it’s harder but with quality pedals it’s much easier

you using sim or normal steering? Sim steering seems to make every rwd car overtly tail happy. 458 speciale is the worst.