Regret buying ultimate add-on bundle. for PC.

I bought the Forza Horizon 4 standard and played for about a week or so with zero problems. I decided to go out and buy the ultimate bundle add-on, and after the install, the game will no longer launch. I tried to resolve the problem by installing just the standard. It still will not launch. Took a scorched earth approach and did cleanup even after the uninstall, still won’t launch.

At this point, I’m down nearly 100$, hundreds of gigs worth of data, and my time.

And one glance at these forms, and this appears to be a common phenomenon. Is support for this product on PCs really that scarce?

Seems odd that you are only having issues after installing the ultimate addon

Ive had mine since release and have barely had any issues
A few feezes and crashes and so on but nothing much…and my pc setup is fairly average

Maybe sumbit a ticket as per stickied post at top of forum