Has that pesky Underdog achievement in Forza Motorsport 7 eluded you? Want to check it off your achievements list and have a chance at winning your choice of a 3 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate digital code (U.S. region locked) or $50 worth of Steam cash? Join the Virtual Autosports Underdog Raffle!

How it works:

On Sunday, March 29 at 12PM EDT/5PM BST, will go live with a Forza Motorsport 7 lobby specifically created for completing the Underdog achievement. The lobby will consist of a full grid of 24 drivers. Race settings will be set as follows:

  • Track: Rio de Janeiro Mini Circuit (0.68 miles)
  • Laps: 1
  • Collisions: Always Off
  • Vehicle Type: Any

Registration is first come, first served. Only 24 spots are available. Drivers who are registrant number 25 and onward will join the wait list in the order by which their submission is received.

In the order by which these entry forms are received, drivers will be manually placed at the back of the grid. Upon race start, the driver at the back of the grid shall be permitted to pass all others and win the race. This process will be repeated until all drivers wanting to receive the achievement have had a chance to do so.

For each driver who remains in the lobby until all drivers wanting to receive the achievement have do so, they will be eligible to win their choice of 3 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate digital code (U.S. region locked) or $50 Steam gift card delivered digitally. The winner will be selected at random.

This event is expected to last no longer than 30 minutes. Please be on time.

The ability for this event to be successful and for the prize to be raffled is entirely contingent on each participant having the ability to receive the achievement. If a full lobby cannot be maintained, the event will be canceled and no prize raffled.

Participants are to follow and join into the lobby off this Gamertag: The Shadow Edge


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I am in! Last time I almost got it and have around 5 friends for sure.

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LOL, 30 minutes is very optimistic. Last time it took 4 hours and still I didn’t get it :smiley:

turtleCZ, the private lobby is structured in such a way to streamline the process to be most efficient. With everyone acknowledging that they understand the process, there shouldn’t be anything that keeps us from concluding things right around the 30 minute mark.

To participate, be sure you get registered:

Sure, good plan.

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And encourage any of your friends to signup as well. Currently, there are 12 spots remaining.

Now down to 10 spots remaining!

9 spots remain open. They’re going quickly. Get registered:

Make that just 7 spots remaining!

Now down to 3.

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As of 1706 CT on March 24, the main roster has been filled; HOWEVER, there is the possibility of no-shows AND the chance that wait list entries may be welcomed to complete the achievement IF a full lobby can be maintained. Wait list entrants will be recorded in the order in which their entries are received and will be called in that order to replace no shows. To ensure you are ready to fill a missing participant’s spot, following The Shadow Edge on Xbox Live and be listening for your name during the broadcast at When your name is called, you will be permitted to join the lobby.

Register for the wait list:

Great. It’s always better to have a bit more people.

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Can this achievement be unlocked (on Xbox One)? From what I know, the other multiplayer achievements like Moonlighting, Gaining Experience, Unrivaled, etc. are not unlocking on Xbox One.

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Sure, it works.

Unless you know how to guarantee someone starts in last place, this will take much longer than 30 minutes…Plus 24 drivers all with successful connections being assumed. I did this when the game first came out and was the best part of 4 hours and even then some didn’t get it…

Best of luck though!

Of course it’s possible, without it it won’t be possible. I don’t know the method here but it’s normally used. With normal players it takes ages but this one looks well prepared.

Isn’t there an ability to order cars by PI? If so, just have players that need it get in a low PI car.

Wish I could join this. I don’t even care to win the raffle, but would like to help other players out.

Exactly that.

Manual grid ordering permits me to do exactly that … decide who starts in 24th, and it worked like a charm.

Big Thanks @ The Shadow Edge for hosting this. It worked a treat. Got the cheevo and hopefully helped some others get it as well. Cheers to all those that participated!

Side note : Just curious if this can be done for Forza Motorsport 6 as well?

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