Refund ?

Can anyone point me in the correct direction for a refund please ?

I bought the Super deluxe (whatever) edition for PC but not direct through the windows store.

The game is so unstable I have not been able to play it since the first few days of launch. No patches or apparent workarounds make any difference.

I have given the Devs many MANY months now in order to try and fix the game but they have seemingly done nothing. Not even acknowledge the issue form what I can see, despite it being an issue for so many other people.

I have approached the shop where I bought the game from, but they have informed me that since a large amount of time has passed, they cannot refund for the game.

Which leaves me with a product that I paid nearly £90 for that I cannot play !

There must be another route I can take in order to claim a refund as £90 has essentially been stolen from me.

Surely this cannot be allowed ?

Can anyone help ?

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You can not seriously expect a refund after owning the game for months do you ? You should have claimed a refund right after realizing that the game is not stable on your system. By now the maturity of problems seem to have been solved for the complaints about crashes have died out almost completely. If you still experience crashes and other issues the problem might well be on your side. Good luck with your refund but i wouldn’t get my hopes up.

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“many MANY months”… Just curious why you waited so long? Kind of makes it seem like the £90 wasn’t all that important to you. Oh wait… I feel a pot stirring coming on.

Any and all refunds should be sought from the retailer.

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