Refund for Forza 6


I would like to know if I can get a refund for this game and how to go about it. I got the ultimate edition at $100 digital and I’m still not able to join any multiplayer games. I’ve tried all the tips and tricks people have given on these forums as well as port forwarding given to me by Voodoo. Still no luck.

I got this game for multiplayer only and for me it doesn’t work. I don’t play career and I don’t paint so U can understand that the game does not offer me any value.

Can I please get info on how to go about getting a refund.


I remember I had to agree to the terms and conditions when I bought my Ultimate Edition, conditions which state that there will be no refunds.

I don’t think you can return a digital purchase.

you would have to contact xbox support, they are the ONLY ones that can issue refunds…and even then its unlikely to happen especially 2 months after release
and as above as well…when buying digitally to accept the terms and conditions which include no refunds…but sometimes it is possible

The original poster may have waited to see if this was a game issue and if the developers were going to remedy it. I have held off returning things to see if an issue will get sorted out. Need to pay attention to how much time you give though as refunds are a limited time thing for obvious reasons.

I really need to start reading the T&C’s. I didn’t know that this was the case. I want to move towards digital only content but the higher price and this inability to return faulty goods really puts me off. Shame.

it does say it but it is still possible to get refunds in some cases…ie faulty or unplayable…i have had 2 refunds for both reasons…also cancelled a digital preorder too…no questions asked
just HAVE to contact xbox support…given this game has been out 2 months i doubt they will refund but you can always try

Stop preordering and buying digitally and at least you can sell your physical copy if you cannot get a refund.

Why would you end up having to sell it for 25% of the original value when if you bought digital you can get everything back.

As for OP, you have a slim chance with Xbox Support. It makes me question why you waited for so long to ask.

Whilst I’m usually all for consumer rights, I can totally understand why game distributors should limit refund options these days. I’ve often gotten bored of a game after 3-5 weeks. Refunds after that length of time would mean I could essentially play a whole bunch of games for free.

A similar thing happened to me with Forza 5. I could join the lobby, but 5 seconds into every race I would get a disconnected from the server message. This happened with every single multiplayer race I tried to enter, and it only happened with Forza 5, not horizon 2 or any other game. Eventually I relocated and had to find a new internet service. The aftermath? I could join and stay in the multiplayer lobbies just fine. Somehow I think some sort of setting with your internet connecting is sabotaging your ability to play Forza 6 online, and a fix may be hard to figure out.

I’d be trying another internet connection round a mates house :slight_smile:

i had the same problem with forza 5 and it was my outdated modem/router

I got a refund for my £82 as I had far to many problems from day 1, start up live chat, they go through and try and fix it, if still no then you get a refund in full, if you clamed before microsoft won’t refund 2nd time that’s what I got told by microsoft one time offer only, so if you not getting anywhere with microsoft, just ring up your credit card company put a claim in you get your money back that way, then they chase microsoft or whoever for the money. This is what my credit card told me as I rang them up first, as game is not fit for purpose. I never buy any game download again, I since bought new copy of ebay alot cheaper than the store is charging for standard version of f6. As for the game be out for 2 month means nothing if you just bought the game now and it’s still not working.

You are correct, often a credit card company will reverse the transaction on request. Doing so on purpose to avoid paying for something you have already been delivered (especially when there is a no refunds policy) is however a criminal offence. In South Africa anyway. Perhaps not in the US? I don’t know your criminal laws.

Thanks for the information gent’s. I have waited this long hoping that the multiplayer issue will get resolved but it hasn’t and that’s why I asked about the refund. It’s no problem. I have learned a valuable lesson through this and will definitely not be buying any more digital games before I know that they will actually work. I have been playing since Forza 2 with no problems. Looks like this is my last Forza game…

Thanks again for the info. Cheers.