REFUND - Disappointed in the current state of the game

When will the company admit this game is a flop and will refund me the money I paid for a full game? This wasn’t and still isn’t a full released game. Each update and each season brings in more issues, people not being able to complete events, people easily getting everything in game by using methods that could have been prevented based on previous experiences from previous games…no real actions taken against cheaters and so on…

I want my money back!

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Too late for that.

You might have to contact the retailer for a refund.

Creating a post on here, will not get you a refund I’m afraid. If you’ve already got a good few game hours in, you may find that it’s not all that easy to get a refund as it suggests that the game is playable or at least it wasn’t that broken that you didn’t give in within a reasonable amount of time (whatever that may be).

When did you start playing it? How long should they let you play the game for free?

Look at Battlefield 2042 and Cyberpunk…they disappointed the fans and they took the correct approach, they refunded the money, this is what I’m talking about. Those 2 hours they let you play before you can no longer refund are merely enough, you barely pass the intro section of the game. Why all the gameplays they showcased were from Xbox, why they let youtubers play only the Xbox version? They knew the PC version is trashed…but hey, they need to get payed right? The purpose of this post is to share my thoughts with fellow players that feel the same I do.

Also, I’ve been playing Forza games since the first ones came up, never picked up a cracked version and always payed full price for Premium editions so I believe I have a word in this…

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Cyberpunk and Battlefield were far worse than FH5. Cyberpunk was removed from sale it was so bad, it doesn’t even compare.


Dude… wtf you talking about. ITS EXACT THE SAME in pc or in consoles. Exact the same problems and bugs. Hell, consoles have even more problems than pc users… really. hahaha.
People still saying nonsense without having any clue at all… o.O

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There’s definitely a complete game there - before even taking into account the seasonal garbage. But if you want a refund that’s usually between you and the store you bought it from.

Yeah there’s no comparison between this and BF2042… And I say that as someone who was unable to get a refund for BF. $100 down the drain there but you live and learn.

Convenient that most of the game’s “defenders” responded to this thread.


Defenders are the problem, sure. I understand. On the other hand posts like this one when a guy is asking for a refund despite playing it since November 5th is totally acceptable. Why am I not surprised.
But if you have to say something in OP favor please share with the rest.


Personally, I’m livid at PG and T10 becaus I didn’t get refunded for Battlefield.

It’s almost like some people regularly visit the message board or something. Spooky. Must be some sort of conspiracy and not at all a matter of mundane routine.


Protecting that 10/10 narrative.

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If you bought a digital copy through Microsoft, contact support. I got a refund for both Forza Motorsport 7 (bought again when the game was fixed) & Cyberpunk 2077 as both were broken on release.

Requests for refunds should be directed to the support system where you purchased the game.