Redownloading LCE DLC

I’ll keep this as brief and concise as possible, so I will bullet-point the facts.

Original console with all VIP, LCE, Car Pass DLC broke.
Got new console
Downloaded everything again
Unable to get LCE content

The LCE content shows up in my garage with “DLC” in the corner
Click and it takes me to “purchasing options”
Screen will stay with “purchasing options” (and spinning circle) but not show the LCE DLC I wish to redownload.

Please be aware, I’ve gone through download history, I’ve gone through add-ons, I’ve searched the interweb. I’ve tried everything including scanning my codes again, but I am unable to redownload this content on my new console.

Forza, please fix this tiny bug for redeeming DLC that people have paid good money for. I’ve read some other people have this same issue that has not been resolved.

Xbox, sort your website so I can access my download history. Seeing what games I’ve purchased and/or downloaded is not enough. I’m sure I speak for the majority when I say, we would like to manage and see our DLC add-ons/purchases on our consoles too.

Moan over. Thanks for listening and I hope there’s a solution to all of this.

Andy (GT = Brad of Smeg)