Redeemed Awards and never received them?

so yesterday night i redeemed some credits for forza 5 and didnt receive them anyone had similar issue can someone help me?

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Had the same issue last friday. I also redeemed 400.000 credits but never recived them.


Redeemed rewards last week and never received them. Rewards page shows that the reward was payed out however. Checked every day from Friday through to today, no dice.

Just redeemed mine now … time will tell

Same here, redeemed about 1.600.000cr two days ago, still nothing.

Has anyone a solution ?


was coming here to make the same thread so ill post here :stuck_out_tongue:

redeemed twice 300k last month and yesterday for this month and no message in game.

Same here, 2 days ago and got nothing.

Same here, 1.000.000 credits for Forza 5 never arrived :frowning:

Where do I normally receive the reward? Is it a message and I need to download or are the credits just added? Either way, nothing happened. Since there is no support forum, I am looking for answers here

400k before the orange redeem tab, then 600k after but never got any.

Answers pls, idk what to do

yeah same me 1.0 Mil last night and no sign

If I’m honest, you could probably tell by the forums at the moment that ever since the weekend FM5 was free, the servers have not been holding up too well.

Missing rewards, wrong hoppers, unable to load multiplayer at all, etc.

Doubt you’ll get an answer until AT LEAST Friday/Saturday, when WIR is released.

What’s WIR?

For the most part, the server issues were Xbox Live and the Xbox One support software. There were stability issues with numerous games, not just FM5 or FH2 on the One.

I would suggest some patience … particularly with the early bugs in Horizon 2. I’m sure T10’s efforts are focused on those right now. One other quick note … I’ve never missed a rewards payment here … even though some have taken several days to show up.

To answer some other questions from this thread:

(1) You will receive an in-game email with the rewards when they come. You will need to click on the email to download the credits before they’re added to your account.

(2) WIR = Week In Review. A weekly message from T10 (on the forums here) with news and info on all the current Forza games. I’m sure there will be plenty in there discussing the issues this week.

Here is the answer, thanks for reading the threads:

I’m in the same boat I did 600k and 400k. I haven’t received neither one of them why make this points system if your won’t send us the rewards. I had this problem the last time I redeemed my cr. I received them like an hour later so let’s see if the problem is fixed.

Redeemed 300,000 cr for FH2, but still nothing :-/

Same here, time will tell.