Red Bull NASCAR Paint Request

Can anyone make both of these paints for any of the Toyotas? These are from 2011 I believe.

I painted the blue one, but mines got a #9 instead of #4 for what ever reason why I changed the number, prob for a mate wanted it can’t remember.

When I painted this car photo wasn’t that great of what I found, so there 2 logos and drivers name I couldn’t read, so added a few other logos.

If you know the drivers name and the missing logos, I’ll edit it to make it a full replica of this Nascar as it should be.

As for the silver one it be the #83, edit the design since in be going on silver flake paint that not a problem.

My paint Toyota #19 Joe Gibbs Racing ARRIS Camry
GT PilotViper112

The #4 car is Kasey Kahne (2011), and the #83 car is Brian Vickers (2006-2011). The cars in the OP’s pic are from the 2011 season, Red Bull’s final season before they closed the team at the end of the year.

Kasey Kahne drove the #9 car from 2004 to 2010 before moving to the #4 car at Red Bull in 2011. That may have been why your friend requested #9.

Thanks for the info, I’ll make a start editing it now.

You can download the #4 painted from photo above.

As for the silver #83 I’ll come back to it as soon as I can, as I need to take rest from painting.

So the #4 Replica paint is on a Toyota #19 Joe Gibbs Racing ARRIS Camry

GT PilotViper112

Edit 9th July 4pm

I’ve decided not to paint the silver one, as I would have to re edit my design as I masked it with the base color, with my health I can’t face doing it, it was bad enough remaking the blue one as shown in photo above.

You need to find another painter for the silver metallic one.