Red Bull GRC Cancelled

Maybe this was supposed to be part of an expansion, and now…not. Perhaps also why we haven’t seen those mystery Civic GRC Rally X cars yet. And why so many SUVs:

Just because Red Bull Global Rallycross has ceased operations, doesn’t mean the VWs, Subarus, Fords and Hondas don’t exist anymore. They’ve all moved to American Rallycross. The cars still exist. And Forza Horizon 3 also had some cars in the developer’s game that were never released, like the Mercedes SLR McLaren. I’m pretty sure that GRC Civic won’t be released, but will simply stay in the developer’s version.

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Off-topic but I think it’s gonna be difficult to license the SLR in the future… Mercedes and McLaren aren’t exactly on good terms.

Since ARX is an American series, isn’t it that much easier for Turn 10 to license? The licensing deals for racing games have been very geographically biased as of late.

With all the rally cross cars and racing off road trucks in the game and still no tracks to race them on , it made me wonder as well.
Maybe forza wont have any rallycross style circuits in 7 we may get them in forza 8