Recovering my paints

I have several liveries I created that are no longer in the “my paints” folder. I haven’t deleted them and they’re still up on the sharefront. When I try downloading them from the sharefeont the game tells me I already have this design.

Can someone please help!


Sounds like you saved over them, in which case they are lost for good. If you are changing a paint in the editor and went into the editor with one of your paints allready loaded never press the save to current car as this overwrites the file the car was wearing originally.

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Oh man, … thanks for the info

Nothing to add other than I read this as “Recovering my Pants”.

I’ve had the exact same problem. The thing is, it doesn’t seem as though it should be that difficult for them to make them recoverable. The design is still there, available in sharing. Everyone else can download them, but we can’t? I don’t understand the logic in that. Why prevent us from downloading our own designs? All it would require is a check to see if we already have it in our folder and even then just provide a renaming option. After all, these weren’t intentionally deleted and the lack of clarity in the UI makes it easier to delete or overwrite. I spent a great deal of time on a particular logo, before I learned about saving vinyl groups, and now I would have to recreate it from scratch. Also, I can no longer see how many downloads, uses or likes for the design, which is part of the fun of sharing.

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