Recommended route for the OH SO FUN DRIFT UPGRADE HEROES mission

I know that probably some of you are going to hate this one, because I think that here and there exists a person who will say:
“boy, I sure think that drifting through streets with a car with absolutely no acceleration wouldn’t be the most fun I had this century”
Here’s the route I found the easiest for getting three stars:

click, click

Don’t give up if you don’t succeed in the first try. It’s heavy with traffic that gets in your way while drifting, so it also depends on luck

Edit: You need 80,000 for three stars, I got somewhere around 80,050. I’m terrible at drifting, by the way. So if someone has any tips or a better route, do let us know and I’ll add them to my post so we’ll have everything in one post

Interesting choice … I haven’t done it yet so just throwing this out there …
I am guessing it is time limited?
you came down and turned right and right again …

looking at that map … my thought would have been to go left …left again … then turn right to link those 3 roundabouts together … if you have time you can boost points by going all the way round a roundabout

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It is time limited, yes. I actually tried to go through the roundabout, but the thing is, the car you get for this mission is really, really slow and it has abysmal acceleration, so it looses all it’s speed after half a second of drifting there. I chose this route, because it has a lot of straight places that usually go downward, so it’s easier to build up speed for drifts.

you do have TC & Stability switched off , right?


Annoying how you get to Edinburgh and then realise that you can’t adjust your settings for drifting, and have to quit, and start the whole thing again.

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I followed the recommended route on satnav (but went around the roundabout and extra time) … got 100k
you are dead right about it being underpowered … yuck!

Standard route - I squeeked in with 80,003 pts… just went for the finish when I passed 80K and had plenty of time left…

Idk why everyone’s complaining about this. I scored like 120k. O.o

I just did the standard route, and got 180,000.

Get up to speed before drifting. I got up to the top of 2nd then E Braked around the corners. Easy.

The best option for any of the drift missions with poor drift handling setups or no power in the cars, just switch to manual transmission so you can keep the engine in the proper RPM range to keep the back tires spinning. Using auto shifting for those missions is just a bad idea.

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